5 Powerful Phrases That Improve Self-Esteem

5 Powerful Phrases That Will Improve Your Self-Esteem Today

How high is our self-esteem? The thing is, when it comes to self-esteem, both low and high levels can be socially and emotionally harmful for the individual. That’s why it’s best to have our level of self-esteem somewhere in the middle.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially for people with low self-esteem.

Even though having periods in our lives when we lack confidence is completely normal, not feeling good about ourselves for too long is a problem.

For some reason, you keep on believing that you are not good enough, and that can take a toll on your mental and emotional wellbeing. It can negatively affect your social life and you end up stuck in a cycle of devaluing yourself.

But, it’s time to do something meaningful to increase your sense of self-worth! Luckily, the more you practice high self-esteem, the easier it gets.

Here are a few helpful phrases that will improve your self-esteem. Repeat them every day and believe in their meaning.

5 Phrases to Boost Your Self-Esteem

1. ”I’m Not The Things I Don’t Have”

Try to avoid building your identity around material items. Although it’s ok to enjoy the things you have, it’s wrong to feel inferior to those who have more material objects than you. Just remember that you are not the objects you don’t own.

You are not your lack of money, your lack of expensive car, your lack of partner… Don’t forget those material items can make you happy or worthy only temporarily. When they are gone, you’ll be left with your true values which are your personality!

It’s better to focus on a skill or hobby than strive for something you can never have and feel depressed about it.

2. ”I’m Grateful for Everything I Have”

This is something you should say to yourself every day! Just think about everything and everyone you have in your life, and understand that you are a happy person to have them!

Gratefulness is one of the best feelings you can ever experience, and you can feel it every day! Even better, express it in different ways and you’ll see more positive things coming your way.

3. ”I’m Not Tolerating Mistreatment from Others”

Learn to value yourself by not letting anyone bring you down with their words or deeds. Know who you are and embrace your values and flaws, and no one will be able to hurt you or lower your self-confidence.

If you have someone in your life that doesn’t treat you right, it’s maybe time to cut them out of your life.

4. ”I Know My Reaction to Stressful Events”

People with high self-esteem don’t focus on the stressful situation but on their reactions. Knowing your response to stressful events will give you the power to control the situation and prevent becoming the victim.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, try to find a way to make it right. Don’t think how desperate you are because of the situation, but how fortunate you are to have such an experience that will serve you as a life-long lesson.

5. ”I Want to Know More about Myself”

It’s time to stop thinking about your flaws and imperfections and focus on getting to know yourself better. Spend some time alone to discover what you really want and what your deepest wishes and desires are.

You can find so many good things about your character that will help you increase your self-esteem. This will surely change your opinion about yourself over time, and also encourage you to value yourself more.


You are what you think, so don’t waste your time thinking negatively about yourself, and focus on the good parts you know you have.