17 Bad Things That Husbands Can Do Which Might Destroy Their Marriage

Every one of us has been through good and bad relationships. The bad ones have taught us significant lectures such as who is worth our effort and time. Married men even though may not be bad husbands; tend to do awful things to their wives. Check out the list below.

1. Excessive Criticizing

None of us wants to be constantly judged while being in a relationship. When it happens for a husband to become excessively critical of their wives, they start feeling unappreciated. As a result, they may seek appreciation somewhere else. So, compliments are essential for a relationship. (1)

2. Over Controlling

Moreover, no one wants to be with someone who is a total control freak. Everyone is able to make their own choices and decisions. Besides being protectors to their wives, husbands need to let them do as they want, and help them do the right things. (2)

3. Objectifying

A husband who is always objectifying cannot have a good marriage. And, those husbands that treat their wives as if they did not have feelings or right to express themselves tend to have bad marriages.

4. Getting a Wrong Present

Although unbelievable, a man may get his wife the wrong present. For instance, getting a pot, pat, or a vacuum cleaner for a wife’s birthday is definitely a bad choice. Men need to think more about what kind of present would they get for their wives in order to make them feel happy.

5. Not Dedicating Time

When men are married, they tend to feel overly comfortable in their marriage, so they forget to pay attention to their wives. To have a stable marriage, men need to make their wives a priority and make them feel desired each day. (3)

6. Using the ‘C’ Word

This is a bad word, and you should use it for any woman, especially not a wife. In fact, calling names on a wife should never be an option. Remember this.

7. Addicted to Porn Movies

Men have physical needs that cannot always be handled by their wives. So, due to this, men tend to watch porn. However, men need to be careful not to let porn become a part of their everyday lives.

When they notice that porn movies have become their addiction that stands on the way to their real love life, they need to turn off the computer and turn to their wives.

8. Expectations

Men must not set very high expectations for their wives in order to avoid hurting their wives ’ feelings and self-esteem. Husbands need always to support their wives. (4)

9. Using the Word ‘Fat’

When a man refers to his wife, he must not use the word ‘fat’ in the same sentence. Husbands need to be careful not to affect their wives ‘ self-esteem negatively. In fact, they need to make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world every day.

10. Woman’s Period

When a wife becomes too moody or overly sensitive, a man must not use the well famous phrase “it must be your special days in the month.” Even on the wives’ bad days, husbands need to be supportive and not blame them because of their behavior.

11. Looking at Women

When a man is married, they need to be careful with their staring when a pretty woman passes by. This may cause insecurity in women. So, men need to learn to avoid that kind of behavior and make their lives feel good in every way.

12. Mummy’s Boy

Even though a lot of men share a special connection with their mothers, they need to know that in marriage, they must never compare, or put their mothers first. Husbands need to give their wives all the attention they need never to feel like they should compete with their mother-in-law.

13. A Previous Partner

Husbands need to avoid mentioning their wives’ ex. In fact, forget about them. Since you are in a committed marriage with your wife, let the past stay in the past. Also, mentioning the ex is a huge turn-off.

14. Losing the Temper

Men who tend to lose their temper with their wives frequently, need to reexamine themselves. The circumstances do not matter, and they are not a reason to lose the temper of a woman. Well, men need to learn how to control themselves. (5)

15. Adultery

Of course, adultery is a big NO for anyone, especially married couples. Since a couple has decided to spend their lives together, they must stay away from infidelity. Anyway, if it happens, it is definitely disrespectful and damaging.

16. Treat a Wife as an Object

Husbands need to remember that their wives are not objects. They are their partners, best friends, and family. So, they deserve time, respect, and have a right to feel wanted. Husbands must never ignore their intimate life with their wives.

17. Do Not Help at the Home

Even though men bring money at home, they often forget their chores. As a result, women tend to do the whole work, and this may cause frustration. Men need to remember that they and their wives are a team and need to share responsibilities.

After all, husbands, it is not that hard to take proper care of your wives. You just need to invest a little thinking, time, and energy, and you will have a happy wife and a better marriage.