What’s The Key Behind the Young-Looking 61-Year Old Model?

The Anti-Aging Secret Of This Stunning 61-Year-Old Model Revealed!

Yazemeenah Rossi is proof that swimsuit adverts do not need to feature young women. When people look at the model, they do not believe that she is 61-years-old.

Also, she is a self-portrait photographer and a visual artist. Incredible, right? The photos we are going to see in the article are from a campaign for a swimsuit cooperation between “The Dreslyn” and “Land of Women.”

This woman got great comments from people. They said that she looked astonishing, and the world needs more truly beautiful women.

The brand’s creative director says that Yazemeenah Rossi is great for representing contemporary, self-confident women who are intelligent as well as gracious. Their goal is to give femininity and sensuality a whole new definition.

Their collaboration’s aim with “Land of Women was to make clean and simple clothes that would emphasize the beauty of women. Can you believe that this woman is a grandmother of two children?


Anyway, probably many of you question who Yazemeenah looks this good at her age. She explained that there is no some big secret behind her astonishing looks. In fact, she started eating organic food a long time ago before it became popular.

Moreover, in an interview, Yazemeenah says that she uses oil for her skin and rapeseed oil for her hair. (1) One time per week, Yazemeenah scrubs her skin with a mixture of fine sugar and olive oil.

Her diet includes organic avocado per day, as well as organic fish and meat. After she gave birth to her two children, she lost weight but not by starving herself, but by eating a balanced diet, and practicing yoga.

Maybe you wonder if this woman has had plastic surgeries, and the answer is yes, but just one. Yazemeenah says that she got one surgery when she was 30 because she had extra fat under her eyes caused by allergies she has suffered since her childhood.

She says that being perfectly healthy does not require surgeries. But, she supports people who want to do them because they would like to feel better.

Also, Yazemeenah says that it is very important to have a young spirit, to be connected to the child inside you in order to have and maintain energy. According to her, if you want to look young, you need to remove fear from your life because it makes you grow old.