Is it True That Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Is It True That Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Sleeping is very significant for our overall health. It makes us feel better, it boosts our mood, it heals the body, and prevents us from having those horrible under-eye circles. But, sleeping is not all about being happy.

While we sleep, there are numerous processes happening. Some important compounds are synthesized, and our organs and cells are renewed. After a good sleep, we are ready for the next day.

Furthermore, sleeping is different in women and men, and it depends on their biological nature. It is a well-known fact that we need about eight hours of sleep. However, Britain’s leading expert in sleep science Dr. Jim Horne reveals something else for the National Sleep Foundation.

He believes that women need to sleep slightly longer than men since they tend to multi-task. Since women’s brain activity is much higher than men’s, they need more sleep in order to have a proper rest.

It turns out that the famous “beautifying” sleep is real. Getting enough and proper sleep makes the skin better. So, if you are a woman, you need to get more than eight hours of sleep. It is very important for your overall health.

Other Sleeping Benefits

1. Better Memory

When we are asleep, we can improve our memory and even practice skills that we have learned while we were awake. Actually, you can learn everything better after getting some good sleep.

2. Improved Creativity

Before you take your paintbrush or pen and paper, for example, you need to get some good sleep. According to researchers from the University of Harvard and Boston College, people’s emotional components of memory get stronger, so that may result in better creativity.

3. Choose to be a Winner

If you like sports, or if you are an athlete, then, the most important thing you need is sleep. A study conducted by the University of Stanford revealed that college football players improved their sprint time after sleeping for ten hours per night for about seven weeks. Also, they had more stamina and less fatigue.

4. Better Attention

Children that do not get enough sleep may experience symptoms that remind them of ADHD. One study published in Pediatrics in 2009 found out that kids with less than eight hours of sleep were more impulsive, hyperactive, and inattentive. So, sleeping affects the attention focus as well.

5. Healthy Body

Those who would like to go on a diet need to think of planning their bedtime. According to researchers from the University of Chicago, people who have a proper rest lose more fat. Also, when we feel sleepy some hormones in our blood increase, and we end up with food cravings.

6. Decreased Stress

Stress and sleep affect our cardiovascular health. Well, getting enough sleep helps us rest and lower the levels of stress which affect our overall health. (1)

As you can see, sleeping is a very important part of our life, and we should not forget about it. No matter how much work you have, you need to know that proper sleep is all you need to function better.

And, keep in mind that insufficient time sleep may lead to numerous serious health consequences. (2)