Why Do Women Who Have Male Friends are Awesome?

This Is Why Women Who Have Male Friends Are Awesome

Not everyone can understand this, but having many friends of the opposite gender can be a great thing. Some may ask ‘’won’t hanging out with a guy lead to, you know, them sleeping together?’’

No, not necessarily. Having multiple guy friends can bring an entirely new perspective on our life. If you as a man think don’t let your girlfriend hang out with guys, you might be missing out on a lot of things.

Of course, there are some occasions where the friendship will blossom into something more.

But, that is not always the case. In fact, having so many male friends can have huge bonuses. Here are the most awesome reasons why women should hang out with a lot of guys.

1. They Can Improve Your Relationship

Women usually like to hang out with men who have an open mind. They are fun and easy to talk to. Their platonic relationship is very cool. When they are together, they are thinking things more rationally and clearly.

They value their own perspective and can trust each other completely. Whenever she is trying to solve a problem or make a serious decision, it can be a huge help to have a guy by her side. Also, if she needs relationship advice, she will definitely turn to her guy friends.

Girls can be quite dramatic, that is why some women usually ask for advice from mature guys. Their answers can definitely help you improve your relationship.

2. They Are Funny and Cheerful

Women who hang out with men are more positive. They don’t let negativity drag them down since they spend time with cheerful and fun people. Unlike the women who only hang out with other women.

They always have to deal with someone with a monthly moon cycle, and that can be very annoying. That is why for women it is great to have male friends.

3. They Love Trying Out New Things

Women who have a lot of male friends love trying out new things. They are eager to experiment in life and are definitely not shy.

Since they know what men are talking about and what they need, women like this know exactly what they need to do to improve their relationship.

4. They Are Forgiving

Women who hang out with guys usually forget the negative things. They don’t dwell on negativity, grudges, or vengeance. They simply see the fun and the potential in this world and want to stay here to see it.

5. They Are Better Lovers

Women who hang out with guys know their secrets. They know what men think about and what they need. Since they are not afraid to try new things, women like this will always have fun in the bedroom.

They will be the ones who will keep the relationship fun and juicy. This is definitely a great bonus necessary for every relationship.

6. They Know How Men Feel

Spending a lot of time with guys allows women to learn a lot about their personalities. As a result, women will never push you to elaborate on your feelings since they will know how you feel about it. Also, they understand you completely.

They know what’s wrong and they will do the best they can to solve it. Why? Because they have spent a lot of time with guys, so they know how to deal with this kind of problem.

7. They Are Chill

Women who hang out with guys are definitely more chill. They can’t bother with insignificant things so they will never come up with weird excuses to start a fight. They know you hate that sort of behavior and they know how to deal with it.