Why The Mistake of Our Life Can Bring Us to the Love of Our Life

This Is Why The Mistake of Your Life Brings You to the Love of Your Life

When it comes to love there are many philosophies about it. One of them is that maybe we need to break before we can be whole. Does that make any sense? The truth is that painful love is the worst type of heartbreak.

It usually happens with the love we believed it is meant to be. The love we gambled everything we had for and had high hopes only to discover that it won’t happen no matter what we do.

Knowing this can break your heart. It can break you into a million little pieces, and you will find yourself thinking about what you have done differently.

The truth is that we all make mistakes in love. And no matter how cautious you are and how much you think about everything, you will make a mistake.

“Why?” – probably your broken heart asks.

Well, because we choose others according to the lessons our souls need to learn without understanding that usually, these are the lessons which we need to learn the most.

Yes, we cannot be changed by the ease, and no, we cannot have our minds broken open, this can happen only when we are left with nothing but our regrets and ourselves.

When you think about it, maybe we don’t make mistakes, but these are just necessary lessons we need to go through in order to learn more about who we truly are and the way we love.

Although knowing this many of us still have a few loves we would take back.

But those loves with too painful endings surely we want them to stay in the past.

Regardless of how much we desired that this love was that one true love other than it really was, it shall never change the fact that the only reason we experienced this love in life was to break our hearts.

This love is a big mistake, but it is what we need to go through in order to get the love of our life. Understand that sometimes in life you need to be broken to find out that you can put yourself together.

In most cases, the biggest mistake is that bond which we should have left the very same minute is started or at least earlier when it all went downhill. But we didn’t do that, because we didn’t know what love was really about.

When in a relationship that is in constant combat of ideas and wills we always have the choice to stay in this relationship. However, regardless of how many times we hope it will end differently, but it never really does.

Because this love is not meant to be, this is not the love of our life; it is the lesson of our life and the mistake of our life.

Usually, this mistake is meant to end catastrophically. The purpose of this relationship is to challenge yourself, shake your core and your beliefs about what love should look like.

We are meant to wonder what we expect from love and to question what went wrong in this relationship. Understand that this is not a fast process, it will take time until we face the truth that our hearts whisper.

That specific state of healing shows us that we can love hard and still walk away with strong faith and with our heads high knowing that the best is yet to come.

The love of our life is out there, and when we finally met, we will know that every time our heart got broken, it was worth it, because of what we have found.

There won’t be combat to win or things to be changed. There won’t be any drama or unfulfilled wants and needs. This love will show you why it didn’t work out for us before.

We had a bad relationship before because that same mistake was leading us to this the love of our life.

You need to understand that the love of your life will usually be that person who is made just for you, that person might not be perfect, but it will be perfect for you.

Your worst heartbreak and mistake is only meant to guide you to the love of your life since, without this mistake, you would never recognize true love.

You need to remember that the love of your life will appear when you will be ready for it. When you are broken, and you begin to embrace who you truly are. This love will come into your life when you start believing that you deserve what you want.

The love of your life won’t feel or look like anything you have ever experienced before. This love might come as a wrecking ball, or it might come slowly.

Thanks to the mistake of your life, you will approach this love differently. You will no longer look for the intensity of the storm you will look for peace.

You will gaze past the superficial and value the energy that this individual brings into your life. You will understand that it is not so important who someone is, but how it makes you feel.

This love can help you become the best possible version of yourself. Only true love can raise you to greatness.

The thing about the love of your life is that it might not be what we expect, it might come with some challenges, but there will be something that will make us be better people.

This is the type of love that inspires you and shows you that you haven’t messed up as badly as you believed you had. You will understand that your big mistake was in a way your north star which was guiding you to the love of your life.

Remember that all the bad things that happen to you put you on the path of the best things. If you have gone through your worst mistake, you should know that your true love is out there waiting for you.

If you haven’t made your worst mistake yet, you should know that there is nothing to fear, it is all part of the process. So what should you do? You should do your best to enjoy the journey.