Here’s Why We Have 3 Great Loves in Life

Here's Why We Have 3 Great Loves In Life

It is said that in life we only fall in love with three people. Yes, we have only three great loves in life. Why specifically three? Because it is believed that each love happens for a different reason.

Interesting, right? Well, let’s talk a little about these three loves and see if most of us agree with that common belief.

The First Great Love – That Love Which Seems Right

Often our first great love occurs when young. That means that we might be in high school when this happens. Usually, the first love is the idealistic one which seems like a fairy tale.

This is the love we believe is right for our families and society. We go after this love thinking that this will be our first and last love, even if deep down inside we know that it doesn’t entirely feel right.

Often we find ourselves neglecting our needs and wants just to make this relationship work. Why do we do this? Because we believe that this is that love that needs to happen.

In this first love, to us, it is more important how others view our relationship than how we feel in it.

Our first great love is that love that seems right.

The Second Great Love – The Hard Love

Our second great love is believed to be that hard love. This love teaches us who we are and how we want to be loved. This love hurts, it involved manipulation, lies, and pain.

We believe that we are making a different choice from the first love, but in fact, we are still making the same decisions. And this is for our good; we need this hard love to learn the lesson.

This second great love might become a cycle. Why? Because we might repeat it hoping for a different ending, a happy one. However, every next love might end up worse than the previous one.

This can be unstable, unhealthy, and unbalanced. There might be mental, emotional, and even physical abuse and great manipulation with a lot of drama.

That is the crucial factor that keeps us addicted to the relationship, the emotional roller coaster of the good and bad times. We stay through the bad expecting the good.

The Third Great Love – The Real Love Which Lasts

This is that love that we don’t expect to happen. Love seems wrong and that contradicts all our ideas of what love should look like.

This love comes easy, and that is why we doubt it. There is an unexplainable connection between our partner and us. This love knocks us off our feet before we even know it.

In this relationship, you simply feel like everything fits. The best thing about it is that there is no ideal expectation about how every partner should act, and there is no pressure to change or become something we are not.

We can be who we are. The fact that we are accepted for who we are shakes our core. We didn’t envision love should look like this, where everything is easy, and you don’t have to play on the safe side.

This love shows us that we had a wrong perception of what love should look like. This is that love that keeps knocking on the door no matter how long we take to answer. This love not only looks right, but it also feels right.

More About This

Perhaps all people don’t go through these 3 great loves, maybe because they aren’t ready. Perhaps we need to learn first what love is to recognize it.

Maybe we will spend our whole life learning the lesson, or perhaps we will learn it in a couple of years.

Maybe this love doesn’t happen when we are ready for love. Also, there might be those individuals who find the right one on their first try, and this love last until the last breath.

But if it hasn’t worked out for you till now, we applaud you for your will to go out there and still search for the love which deep down you know you deserve.

The reality is that is all up to us. We can choose to stay with our first great love, the one that makes everyone happy and that looks good. Or we can stay with the second great love believing that if we don’t fight for love, it is not worth having it.

And last but not least, we can choose to go for that third love. That love feels like home.

Maybe something is impressive about the first great love, and something unique about the second one, but there can be something amazingly good about the third love as well.

The love lasts, and shows us why it has never worked out before with anyone else. The love in which your partner will discover parts of you, you didn’t know were there, and you will find the love you no longer thought was real.

So, what do you think, do we have 3 great loves in life?