What is True Love Supposed to Feel Like?

What Is True Love Supposed to Feel Like

How does true love look like? Can we tell if we feel it and if our partner feels the same love for us? In fact, is the love we feel for our partner true love? And, is true love something that really exists or it’s only in our heads?

Well, love is more than just words. More than just holding hands and spending time together. More than just occasional kisses and hugs. More than just sharing the bed every night. More than just a 50/50 relationship.

True love is when you’re the strength for your partner when they can no longer cope and carry the weight on their shoulders.

When you are their hope. When you stick by their side when things get tough. When you make them realize that love can beat everything. That there is someone who will always stay during dark times. That they have someone they can always rely on.

Someone they can believe in and find support for everything. Someone who will be their light and help them find the right path.

True love is when you are their best when they aren’t your best. When you don’t judge them for their mood that you can’t always understand. When you know their flaws and accept them.

When you are there to hold their hands when life gets rough. When you make them realize they don’t have to do this by themselves.

True love is when you want to be a part of their life whether times are happy or sad, good or bad. When you want to be with your partner through hurdles and highs.

Even though you may not know how to fix everything that comes your way, you will try the best you can. It’s when you love them deeply even when things become too much.

The truth is, life is not perfect, neither is love. There will be moments when you two will fight, and you’ll doubt everything, but true love is when you stay and decide to fight.

When you realize you have to be more for one another and help each other grow as a person. True love is when you can’t wait to grow old together.

When you can’t wait to show that person how much you love them and how you’ll be there for them when they most need you.

You know you’ve found your true love when you don’t doubt if that person will do the same thing for you.

You know what you two have is true love when neither of you plays the victim role nor blames the other. When you know you can trust that person with your life and you know there’s no room for jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and greed.

It’s when you put their needs before or equal to your own. When you genuinely care about their happiness and wellbeing. When you are willing to do anything to see them smile. And when you do see them smiling, it’s the best feeling in the world.

So, is your love true love?