6 Ways to Keep Migraines Away

6 Ways to Keep Migraines Away

When it comes to headaches and migraines, there are a few things people must know. Let’s start with the basics. A headache might be a rebound headache, tension, sinus, cluster, or migraine.

The more people know, the easier will be for them to prevent it. Around 30 million people in the US experience migraines and three times as many women as men have migraines.

You should know that migraines are pulsating headaches. They occur to one side of the head.  The symptoms might differ from one individual to another and from one attack to the next.

But one thing is sure physical activity might actually intensify the pain. Don’t know if you’re having migraines. You need to know the signs of a migraine.

4 Signs You Have a Migraine

#1 You Have Cravings

Bear in mind that before a migraine attack happens, people tend to have cravings. One common craving is chocolate.

#2 You Have Pain on One or Both Sides of Your Head

The most classic symptom of migraines is pulsating pain. Usually, it’s felt on one side of the head. The National Headache Foundation did online research on patients who had migraines.

According to the research, around 50 percent “always” experience throbbing on one side. On the other hand, 34 percent say that they “frequently” experience this sign of a migraine.

#3 You Experience Eye Pain

Often migraine pain burrows just behind the eye. Some people blame it on eye strain, but it’s not that.

#4 You Experience Double Vision or Vertigo

You should know that there is one kind of migraine by the name of basilar-type migraine. It can lead to loss of vision, dizziness, and double vision. Some people might experience balances issues as well.

The team of researchers of Dr.Calhoun did a study on this topic. They found a relation between dizziness or vertigo and migraine intensity. The stronger the migraine, the likely the patients to have such complaints.

The conclusion is that it’s part of migraines; it is a migraine symptom. However, the good news is that there are ways to help ease the migraines and symptoms. You shouldn’t let migraines take control of your life.

You should do something about it. What? Read on to find out more.

6 Ways to Help Ease Migraines

#1 Have Snacks

When people wait too long between meals their blood glucose levels dip and that can cause a migraine. It’s important to have healthy snacks, such as vegetables with hummus, organic dried fruit, or one hand of unsalted nuts.

#2 Drink Plenty of Water

For headaches and migraines, this is something you must remember; you can soothe them or prevent them if you drink plenty of water. Drink a sufficient amount of water every single day, and you must just avoid them.

#3 Have Regular Meals

It’s important to not starve of stuff yourself. Have a good balance when it comes to your food.

#4 Consider Taking Supplements

It’s said that taking supplements such as magnesium, and vitamin B2 might help prevent migraines. But before you do this, consult your doctor.

#5 Be Active

You must be active the whole time. Not just before a migraine, or after it, but the whole time. According to one Swedish study, people who experienced migraine and cycled 3 times indoors per week had less severe pain after three months of being active.

You can choose to do any type of cardio. It can be jogging, Zumba, or fast walking. It doesn’t matter as long as you do it three times per week or more. Don’t leap into exercise too fast or be too hard on yourself, since that might provoke a migraine.

#6 Remember to Relax

Stress causes migraines. So, try to slow down a second and not lead such a fast life for your own good.