4 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal with Criticism

4 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal with Criticism

Who feels misunderstood? Well, we all do from time to time, and it’s perfectly normal for that to happen because not everyone can truly understand our whole journey. It is our journey, so the only person who should understand is us.

The thing is, we need to embrace our freedom and know that we aren’t here in this world to please people. We need to embrace who we truly are and follow our desires, passions, and dreams.

In case you live just to serve others and avoid criticism and judgment, one thing is sure – you might end up unhappy, frustrated, and anxious.

If you want to please people all the time, you will disconnect from who you really are, and you are going to limit your full potential.

Understand that criticism will happen no matter what because most people do not understand your journey and what you are going through. Only you know what is best for you! Always have this in mind.

Also, you should know that in most cases, the criticism and opinion of others aren’t about you, but about them. Understand that it is coming from their limited fears, perspective, and worries.

So in those times, when you get criticized, instead of getting into an argument or taking things personally, you can do something completely different.

Criticism will always be there, but the way you react to it, says everything about you. There are a couple of steps that can help you deal with it.

4 Ways To Can Deal with Criticism

#1 Don’t Take Criticism Personally

You need to understand that in most cases the criticism from other people has little to do with you and more with that person and their perspective on life. You see, if an individual offends you, usually this happens since they feel that way about your abilities or themselves.

They might give you advice according to how they feel. If the criticism comes from a dear person you completely trust, then it is fine. However, if it is coming from someone that is not close to you, don’t take it personally.

Ignore it.

#2 When Things Get Tough You Should Get Tougher

Yes, you might be a sensitive person, but it is crucial to toughen up and create a tolerance when it comes to criticism. The easiest thing to do is be a critic, but it takes courage and strength to live your life as who you truly are.

It is important to toughen up because during your whole life you will face a lot of critics. But the less attention you give to them, the less you will feel it or experience it. The best weapons against criticism are deep inner confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, in case you feel defeated in those times when criticism and judgment arise you need to stop for a second and concentrate on developing your own confidence and inner love.

Once you know who you are, you shall be unstoppable.

 #3 Look for the Truth

In everything, there is a small amount of truth. Some statements which to you might feel as criticism might also be just reminders.

As a matter of fact, we might take too strong offense towards criticism since there might be some truth which our ego doesn’t accept. If you think about some previous situations where you were criticized, you will understand.

Allow yourself to be open-minded to the things you hear. If it is something from which you can learn; you should do it. If it is something that will prevent you from growing and being happy, don’t let it get you.

#4 Be True to Yourself

Always be true to yourself. Others don’t have to accept or understand your journey. And that is OK as long as you are true to yourself. That is the only way opportunities will come. Life will be exciting and fun.

You see, you have the right to free will since it is your life. Don’t do what others expect from you. Live your want the way you want and make the most of it every day.