The Way Partners Sleep Can Say a Lot About Their Relationship

The Way Both of You Sleep Can Say a Lot About Your Relationship

All people sleep. But it turns out that the way we sleep says a lot about us as individuals. For example, if we are one of the many who sleep on the stomach, it is said that it means we have a playful and open personality.

On the other hand, if we sleep on the back, it is said that it means we are the silent, but strong type.

Interesting, right? Well just imagine what happens when there are 2 different sleeping styles in the same bed? Yes, we are talking about couples. This can be fascinating.

Why? You should know that when we sleep, our subconscious minds simply take over. Due to this fact, the body language we use while we sleep with our significant other might be a way to gauge what is really going on in the relationship.

Surely there are exceptions to this rule, in case you are asleep kicker, you cannot blame your significant other for sleeping far away from you.

However, when your partner’s sleeping position and yours suddenly changes, you can try and use these clues in order to find out what it might mean.

7 Most Common Sleeping Positions Between Partners and What Do They Say About Your Relationship

#1 You Sleep On Your Partner’s Chest

This is a familiar position for those who are at the beginning of their relationship. Also, this sleeping position is common for those people who have rekindled their love.

#2 You Sleep Intertwined, But During the Night You Move Apart

Your arms and legs are intertwined, and both your faces are close to each other, however, during the night, you move apart. You should know that this means that there are intimacy and independence between you two.

#3 You Don’t Touch But Sleep Facing Each Other

This shows that both of you are emotionally demanding. It might also mean that both of you need better communication and at the same time more intimacy.

#4 Spooning

This sleeping position implies that both of you are close and connected. The one who is the “big spoon” is actually the protector of the “little spoon.”

Also, this indicates that you trust and have confidence in your partner. And that around them you feel safe.

#5 One Partner Dominates the Bed

This can be a sign of a toxic relationship. One not being aware of the other while sleeping is a sign of selfishness. If this happens from time to time, it is not that bad, but if it is every night, then you really should take a look at what is going on.

#6 You Sleep Back-to-Back and Far Apart

This sleeping position is practical and common. At first, it might seem as both partners are distant, but the reality is different. As a matter of fact, this sleeping position means that both partners are secure and comfortable with each other.

They are connected and close, but at the same time, they enjoy their independence.

#7 You Touch, Sleep Back-to-Back, and There is No Space Between You

This is common for those who have started dating. Usually, in this sleeping position partners touch only with the lower part of the body, and this means that you are relaxed and comfortable with each other.

So, what is the most common sleeping position for you and your partner?