5 Reasons Why We Should Walk More Often

5 Reasons Why Walking Is Good for Our Body and Mind

Sleeping, going to work by bus or car, sitting, returning to home in the same way, sitting or doing some work around the house, and going to bed – unfortunately, this is the daily routine of many people nowadays.

They have to do so many things, so they rush to get to work and then return home as quickly as possible. They “don’t have time” to take a nice walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature. Are you one of those people? When was the last time you took a good walk?

We don’t judge you, but we write this article as a reminder of the importance and benefits of regular walking.

We hope that once you see how beneficial it is to your health and wellbeing, you’ll take at least 15 minutes of your time to take a walk in the park near your house or just around your neighborhood.

Why You Should Walk More Often

1. To Improve Your Mental Health

A short walk can improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Being physically active triggers endorphin release, or the so-called “feel-good hormones.” It helps you to relax, reduce stress, and clear your mind.

Besides being great for your mental health, walking is also good for your body. It helps you stay in shape and prevent adding extra pounds.

2. To Help You Lose Extra Pounds

Regular walks can help you avoid obesity, as well as lose weight. But, walking is not enough to burn the extra calories and lose your stubborn belly. You should combine it with a good diet plan that excludes greasy and fatty foods.

This is a win-win combination to lose the excess pounds and feel better in your own skin. Just, be consistent!

3. To Boost Your Immune System

According to WebMD, a regular 30-minute walk can help strengthen the function of the immune system when it comes to fighting infections. What’s more, it can help you sleep better and increase your feel-good hormones, both of which are excellent for the immune system.

4. To Reduce the Need for Stress Eating and Cravings for Sugar

According to research published in PlosOne, a 15-minute walk can reduce cravings for high-calorie sweets, at least temporarily. As researchers explain, exercising or walking can help interfere with thoughts about sugary foods.

This means that walking is great for those who try to lose weight but can’t stop these cravings.

Bonus tip: to stop cravings for sugar, drink a glass of water.

5. To Improve Mobility in Advanced Age

Regular walks are recommended for everyone, especially for people of advanced age. Walking improves their physical health and mobility, thus reducing the risk of physical disabilities.

What’s more, it supports cardiovascular health, thus protecting against heart disease.

Now that you know the benefits of walking, we hope you’ll find time to walk more often. But, if you have any other physical activity, please tell us your favorite in the comments below.