2 Different Types of Narcissists Everyone Will Encounter in Their Lifetime

2 Different Types of Narcissists Everyone Will Encounter in Their Lifetime

Narcissism is a term that is commonly used these days. But do we understand what it means? The term narcissist comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus. It was a young man who was too evil to care for anyone but himself.

He saw his own reflection in the water, and he fell in love with himself. Nowadays, narcissists are the same. They don’t care about people – all they worry about is themselves.

Narcissists do not care if they tear other people down for their own purpose. They do not care if they hurt them, as long as the spotlight is on them. They will most likely try to ruin your self-esteem in order to have control over you.

There are two different types of narcissists, can you tell which is which? You can do that after you learn more about this. In order to learn more read on.

2 Types of Narcissists Most Likely to Meet in Life

#1 The Subtle Narcissist

This type of narcissist is more passive-aggressive in comparison to the other type. It’s harder to call them out on what they do, but it is needed to do it.

This can be frustrating since they are good at playing the victim and acting innocent in front of other people. While they will be mean to you and mistreat you when no one else is around, this is a trait for them.

They will act like victims so good that other people will have a difficult time believing you. It might be painful to see these people walk away from you without a second look, but it is the best for you.

If you try to confront a narcissist about the issue in public, they will twist the story to look like they are the victim. You attacking them in public will additionally add to their story and benefit.

Other people will only understand this when they become a victim of the same narcissist. If you bring yourself to their level, it will only hurt you. What might happen?

You might end up losing people you care about while trying to prove your point. Therefore, you should pick your battles carefully. Walk away and leave this narcissist in your past.

#2 The Wily Narcissist

They are more dangerous than the previous type. However, what they do might look insignificant. They will try to insult you, but make it seem as they are joking or complimenting you.

These narcissists will try to make destructive remarks about your reputation and self-confidence. In case you aren’t sure what they are trying to do or meaning to say, you should have a real friend of yours to look at the whole situation.

You see, an outsider will be able to give you the proper perspective on the situation. Still, it’s better if you know that they (the real friend) are concerned about your well-being and happiness.

Pay attention to what your real friend is saying and try to look at things from a different (their) perspective.

How can you protect yourself? It’s easier said than done but it’s the best way to protect yourself, and that is to distance yourself from these narcissists or simply cut them off your life.