8 Ways to Prevent Farting We Wish We Knew Before

8 Tricks to Prevent Farting You Wish You Knew Before Now

People and animals pass gas, and that is an entirely natural process. However, the social awkwardness of the smell and the noise may make us find out ways to stop it naturally. In the case of excess gas, we can use these eight tips below.

8 Tips to Stop Farting the Natural Way

#1 Eat Slowly

Do you eat so fast that you barely taste the food? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should know that maybe this is the reason for excess gas. You need to eat slow, and that can help ease the issue, and also help the healthy movement of your colon.

#2 Make Sure to Chew More

Swallowing food without chewing it properly might raise farting due to the fact that you are getting more air as you drink or eat.

If you shew more, your salvia will start the procedure of breaking down food, and your gut will not have to work that much in order to get the necessary nutrients out.

#3 Try Ginger

If you are bloated, that might mean that you have excess gas. What you need to do is take a small amount of ginger root and chew it. Or you can add it in a non-carb beverage such as candied ginger or tea.

This can lead to a calming, settling impact on the gut.

#4 You Can Also Try Fennel

In order to lower spasms on the colon and farting, you can try and use essential fennel oil. This might help your overall digestive health.

#5 Consume More Papaya and Pineapple

You should know that tropical fruits such as papaya and pineapple have enzymes that can help break down tough food particles and ease digestion. This can help reduce excess gas and bloating.

#6 You Can Try to Avoid Cruciferous Veggies

It is said that some vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts can cause more gas and bloating in comparison to others. See if this is the case with you just by testing yourself.

Yes, you can check yourself by eliminating or at least reducing them in your diet.

#7 Get the Much Needed Rest

Bloating and farting means your digestive system is not working correctly, which can be easily fixed with some rest. While you rest, your gut might process the healthy organic nutrition you provide it, therefore that gas won’t be a problem.

#8 Avoid Beer, Soda, and Other Different Carb Drinks

Carb drinks have air bubbles which are known for their capability to make burps. However, part of this air will make it through the digestive tract and exit through the rectum. You can try to replace these drinks with sugar-free juice, water, and tea.