17 Traits Men Find More Attractive Than Good Looks

17 Traits Men Find More Attractive Than Good Looks

A woman likes being beautiful first for herself, and then for her man. But, there are other things besides appearance that men find very attractive in women. Any clue? Well, here we offer seventeen traits that men go crazy about.

1. Calm and Relaxed

Many women are usually drama queens, but being with one means impulsive decisions, gossip, drama, and emotional conversations. So, men prefer women who are calm and relaxed.

2. Neat and Clean

Not everything is about make-up and hairstyles. Men like it when women are clean, smell nice and take care of their skin.

3. Intelligent

A girl with a hot body and a remarkable face is attractive enough to catch a man’s eye. But, is looking nice enough to keep a man’s heart? Most men prefer dating girls who are smart. They may go out with an attractive woman, but if she is not that smart, there is no bright future.

4. Caring

As humans, we are attracted to other humans who are capable of taking care of someone else. Most women have had this instinct since birth, but not all of them show it.

5. Creative

We are not talking about crafts, but about being able to approach life in a new way. Men like women who are capable of helping them find out solutions to problems.

6. Discipline

Being a parent is a difficult job. Men like women who are disciplined will uphold the rules of the house and will be capable of raising children with good behaviors.

7. Loyal

No one wants to be betrayed. Men look the way a woman acts and respects those she loves. If a woman does not speak good things about her friends, and if she lies to them only to spend more time with her boyfriend, that is not attractive at all.

8. Friendly

Being able to treat people with the same level of respect is totally attractive. If you ask a man why he loves his wife, he may say that he loves her just because of the way she acts with people.

9. Authentic

Nowadays is really hard to find a person who is authentic. However, If a woman is authentic, she is extremely appealing.

10. Mature

We are not talking about age because it has nothing to do with maturity. Men like emotional and mental maturity because dating a childish woman is not seductive at all.

11. Optimistic

A negative and pessimistic woman will not make a man’s day better. That is why men like being with a woman who prefers seeing that a glass is half full more than half empty.

12. Punctual

Most women are known to be late because of doing makeup or hair. However, men prefer women who tend to be punctual because that means she respects other people’s time.

13. Letting Go

Fighting for what you want in life is excellent, but sometimes one needs to be able to let go of things they cannot have.

14. Romantic

We all look for a partner who has a little romance inside. It is a good feeling to know that someone will keep the sparkle alive.

15. Respectful

A woman who has respect for herself, her man, and the rest of the world is something that every man finds appealing.

16. Compassionate

Being focused only on yourself means you may forget about others. But, being compassionate is what all men prefer.

17. Loving

A woman who knows how to love is what every man is looking for. No one likes to feel unloved.

As you can see, it is not all about tons of makeup, seductive dresses, and high heels. There is something deeper that men are attracted to.