5 Tips to Make Our Partner Miss Us More

5 Tips to Make Your Partner Miss You More

The wish of our special one in our life to miss us is very normal. In fact, it’s like glue that keeps us together. Usually, people don’t have problems expressing themselves emotionally at the beginning of the relationship.

They can tell each other how much they miss them every day. But, as time goes by, we may notice our partner doesn’t miss us when we’re not around.

This can happen if you spend too much time together, or if you move too fast in the relationship.

Regardless of the reason, if you love someone, you would want them to miss you when you’re not around. In fact, the more you miss them, the more you’re going to value the time spent with them.

So, if you like to remind your partner of how important you are in their life, and that your presence in their life should not be taken for granted read the following tips which will make them miss you more.

5 Tips to Make Your Partner Miss You More

1. Make Room for Personal Space

How do you expect your partner to miss you if you are with them all the time, every day of the week? Spending too much time together and not having personal time can be bad for the relationship.

Being with someone doesn’t mean you should lose your identity and do everything together. In fact, having personal space where you can do your own activities, or not do anything and just enjoy your alone time, is very healthy for every relationship.

In other words, it will keep you sane! In that way, you will maintain your individuality while making your partner miss you more. So, if they ask you for a little space, give it to them without hesitation as both of you will benefit from it.

2. Make The Moments Spent Together Happy and Positive

If you are always complaining and being negative around your partner, they will certainly not miss you when you’re not around. Make sure both of you enjoy the time spent together.

Do fun activities, laugh, tell jokes once in a while, or share some positive experience you had that day. The point is, you shouldn’t spend the time when you are together complaining, arguing, or criticizing each other.

Even though occasional argues and a lousy mood is normal for one healthy relationship, it shouldn’t be like that most of your time. So, be positive when around them and try to cheer them up when they need a smile.

3. Don’t Try too Hard to Make Them Miss You When Not Around

As we mentioned before, having personal space is very good for any relationship. So, if you give your partner some space, do not try to remind them you exist! This means you should not text them or call them every minute when you are apart.

Also, don’t be annoying on social media by tagging them or sending them selfies all the time. Or worse, don’t ask them to send you selfies of them while hanging out with their friends.

The point of giving them personal space is excusing themselves from their life for a while (which can be hours). Respect their privacy, and they will appreciate and miss you more.

4. Don’t Move Too Fast in the Relationship

You should never give your 100% right away at the beginning of the relationship. That will make them feel they have all the power, so they will likely stop trying to earn your love. Don’t make that mistake!

Take things slowly and make them earn your attention and love. By giving them less, you will make them want you and miss you more.

5. Love Your Life

What can be more attractive than a happy person who enjoys their life? They are like magnets to other people who like to spend as much time with them as possible.

We hope you are already happy with your life, but if you aren’t, think about the things you have in your life and learn to appreciate them more. For example, think about your family, your partner, your health, your career, etc.

By learning to be grateful, you will appreciate your life even more. And, by being happy with your life, you will help those around you to be happy with their life as well. Your partner will enjoy spending time with you, and they will look forward to seeing you again.

We hope these tips will improve your relationship and remind your partner that you are a significant person in their life!