13 Time Wasters That Ruin Our Productivity and Happiness

13 Time Wasters That Kill Your Productivity and Happiness

Most people feel stuck when they are stressed, overwhelmed, and feel as if they are not getting near their goals and the things they want in life. At that specific point, most people don’t know what to do.

Sounds familiar? If the answer to that is yes, sit down, read the following article and reclaim your life. The first thing you should do is recognize your time-wasters. What are those?

Those are the things that are preventing you from being happy and successful.

Those things stop you from moving forward, toward the things you desire to accomplish. All people, from time to time, get involved in certain things which don’t contribute to their happiness and success.

When this happens, you need to make the needed changes and understand that every second of your day is valuable and that there is no time to waste in on things that don’t help you grow.

We all want to be successful and happy in life, right? However, sometimes we find ourselves wasting our time on things that hold us back from reaching our very own full potential.

The thing is that often we do not identify these things until another person points them to us. It is crucial to sit down and analyze the way we spend our everyday, hour by hour, and to look for different ways to be smarter and work smarter.

We must find ways to get rid of all time-wasters. Therefore, in order to get started, below you will see the 13 things that those people who are successful and productive never waste their time on. You shouldn’t either!

Ready to face the truth? Let’s go! It is time for a change.

13 Time-Wasters That Stop You From Being Happy and Successful

#1 Watching TV

Yes, for most of us this is hard to hear. But once you think about it, most people spend hours and hours a day in front of the TV. Why? When you can spend those hours being productive.

So, no more TV. If you want to watch TV so much, you should limit your time.

#2 Being In the Wrong Relationship for the Wrong Reasons

Being in the wrong relationship can be very time-consuming. Are you with someone only so you are not lonely and bored? You should change that. The right partner will support you and help you be successful.

#3 Wasting Your Time on Others

Do not waste your time trying to solve everyone’s issues. It is not your responsibility, and most likely most of those people wouldn’t worry when you will be the one in trouble.

#4 Wanting to Always Be Right

There is no point in winning every conversation. Sometimes, it is good if you just listen. Probably, you waste time and energy trying to prove your point. A point which by the next day shall be forgotten.

#5 Doing Things To Make Others Happy

You should know that doing something which allegedly makes your siblings, mother, father, cousin, grandparents, uncle, and aunt happy won’t do any good for you. What is the point in doing something that makes others happy, but makes you miserable?

#6 Complaining

Do not waste time complaining about things you could have changed. Learn from it, leave the past behind and move on.

#7 Making Fake Problems

Making fake issues so you won’t have to deal with the real ones, is nothing but a waste of time.

#8 Wasting Time On the Wrong Person

Trying to make someone love you when they apparently don’t.

#9 Getting Sucked Into Social Media

Yes, scrolling through photos on Instagram, checking notifications on Facebook, and reading fast updates on Twitter is part of everyday life.

However, if you do not control the time you spend on social media, the hours will fly, and you won’t do anything productive that day.

Put a time limit on social media, close the app and do what you need to do. Or another approach is to get on social media only after you finish every work project.

#10 Not Having a Plan

You should know that all successful, productive people go through the day with a plan. They have a plan of crucial things they want to get on that day. You can write things down, however, but only 2-3 priorities you need to accomplish on that day.

Do not write a long list of things. Once you write down your top priorities, you should break them down into reasonable steps. In that way, you will want to get them done and eventually cross them off your list.

#11 Being Around Negative People

It is said that you’re the average of the 5 individuals you spend most of your day with. Therefore, if you want to be the best possible version of yourself, you should be around the best people.

Eliminate the toxic and negative energy around you.

#12 Focusing On What Other People Are Doing

Do not waste your time focusing on what other people around you are doing. Do not compare yourself to others, since that can bring you down.

Shift your mindset and instead of comparing yourself, let these people inspire you to be better. The only person you should compete with is yourself.

#13 Putting Yourself Last On Your Priority List

Let’s admit we all have those days when we simply do not get enough exercise or sleep, due to the fact that we need to work on something. However,  you need to put yourself first if you want to enjoy long-term happiness and success.

You need to begin your day with something which you want to do, such as meditating, reading, journaling, or exceeding. You need to find what suits you best and stick to it. Why is it important to start your day with something you love?

Because that will be good for your mental health, you will feel happy, energetic, and focused until the end of the day.

We hope that the things above mentioned are eye-opening for you. And we also hope that you will make some changes and be happy and successful.