3 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

3 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Want to know what turns men off? Well, let’s start right off, it’s not looks. The thing is, most people assume it’s looks, but it’s not that. Some women are scared of losing the man they’re dating, and that’s ok. As a matter of fact, that’s good because it shows that one really values their partner and their relationship.

Sounds familiar? Well, that shows that you do not take your relationship and love for granted. Maybe you are single for a long time, and you want to know why all your previous relationships have fallen apart.

Perhaps you are tired of trying for your relationships to work, and yet they never do, and you are just trying to understand what is that you are doing wrong.

You won’t be able to predict the behavior of men all the time, that is why you need to know more in order to heighten your senses.

What you need to do is pay attention to the details and the way your partner reacts to what you say or do. That type of self-awareness will help you to deal with your relationship better.

If you want to understand your man better and the way they react to certain things, then you are in the right place. If you want to keep him in your life, avoid doing the three things mentioned below.

There are some things you may do which might make your man want to run away from you.

3 Mistakes That Turn Men Off

#1 You Are Concentrated Too Much On Getting Into a Relationship

Sometimes, you might concentrate too much on the end goal, and you might forget about the present moment. Do not focus only on getting into a relationship, focus on making a connection and bond with him.

Concentrate on the process, and the results shall follow. Your desperation for a relationship might make you do the wrong things, and no one wants to be with someone who desperately wants to be in a relationship, just for the sake of being in one.

#2 You Let Him Have Everything He Wants

Do not willingly give him everything he wants. Ensure that you are making him work for your attention and love. Let him chase you. No guy wants everything to be handed on a silver plate.

Make him value and appreciate you by making him work hard for your attention and love. Remember, my dear, the best things in life do not come easy.

#3 Your Relationship Is Everything to You

Do not give up on everything in life, just because you are in a relationship with him. Ensure that you keep your sense of individuality and identity. If not, you will lose yourself and your relationship because of it.

He may feel suffocated. Do not place too much pressure on the relationship; it’s not healthy. Have you made some of the mistakes above mentioned? If so, let those mistakes serve you as lessons, do not feel bad over them, learn from them.