5 Things We Shouldn’t Do with the Narcissist in Our Life

5 Things We Shouldn’t Do with the Narcissist in Our Life

We’ve all had to deal with people who are toxic at some point in our lives. We are aware that these people are stealing away all our positive energy. That’s why we need to know what to do when dealing with people with damaging and toxic narcissism.

There are a few things we shouldn’t do. Intrigued to find out? Read on.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with a Toxic Narcissist

#1 Do Not Try to Beat Them at Their Game

It might be tempting to try and beat them in their own game but bear in mind that most of these people have spent their entire lives perfecting their self-aggrandizement.

Understand that most narcissists do more manipulative things in a month than most people do during the year. It is like that since a narcissist has a fear of being humiliated, being exposed, losing or feeling inferior.

Therefore, they devote energy to keep their image and cultivate sources of ego-boosting at the expense of other people. Trying to get even, beat them in the war of words will do no good for you, for them, you are an amateur.

The best thing to do would be to be true to your own beliefs and values.

#2 Do Not Decrese Their Dysfunctional Behavior

Narcissists and their hunger for attention along with their self-serving behavior might suck the energy of people around them. Around these people, you might get fatigued and neglect the fact that this narcissistic behavior is unhealthy.

Remember that humiliating, deceiving and manipulating others is wrong and unhealthy. The best thing to do would be to let the provocative and childish behavior of the narcissist to pass without your reaction.

#3 Don’t Feel That You Need to Justify Your Actions, Thoughts, and Feelings

The narcissist will try to second-guess yourself. They might do this by asking leading or pointed questions, making you feel as you need to explain yourself to them.

Understand that just is their attempt to undermine you. Remember that you don’t need to justify or explain your thoughts or feelings to them. Defending yourself or arguing with a narcissist is counterproductive.

Why? Because these people are only interested in winning, not in communicating or listening.

#4 Do Not Assume That A Narcissist Shares Your Worldview and Values

Don’t expect a narcissist, to tell the truth, share the spotlight or have compassion. If you do, you will only be disappointed. Narcissist use words as weapons than as truth. They see people not as equals but as sources of gratification.

The narcissist is hungry for attention, and they would do anything just to get it. They have a shaky sense of self. Set your boundaries and protect yourself.

#5 Do Not Expect Them to Take Responsibility

Understand that narcissists rarely admit fault or apologize, they only give blame or take credit. They believe they have more rights, special status or greater stature than others.

They don’t have interest in owning up to their actions. They never take responsibility for all the negative things they do.

Final Thoughts

Don’t fight these people in their own twisted game. So how to deal with them? The best thing would be to ignore and avoid them. When you think about it, there is no point in having such people in your life.

They bring no good. You only live once, so you must make sure that you spend your precious everyday life with people who make you be a better person, and not with those you make you unhappy.

Put yourself first, and make these people a part of your past.