13 Things No One Tells About Cheating

13 Things No One Tells You About Cheating

When it comes to cheating, there are no ifs, ands, or buts – it’s wrong! Even though the reasons why people cheat are different, it’s something that blows their partner’s ego and self-esteem.

It can make them blame themselves for not having done anything to keep their partner interested. It shatters their confidence and trust, and it’s something that could change their overall perception of concepts like love, trust, respect, and infidelity.

The pain from infidelity is one of the worst feelings in the world, so you would think why is someone willing to cause you such pain if they truly love you?

In fact, cheating is a lot more than just one quick, bad decision. It’s a lot more complex than you can imagine. So, here are several facts about it.

13 Facts About Cheating You Should Know

1. Cheating Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It’s just not something that could happen overnight. In most cases, a person needs more time to make that decision. So, don’t believe it when someone says it was just a quick decision.

2. You Will Never Know the Complete Story

Once caught, the partner who cheated could open up about their infidelity, but they will never tell every detail of the story. You could go through their phone but there will always be something you will never know.

3. They Are Aware They Are Betraying Their Partner

From the very beginning, the person who’s cheating knows they are betraying their partner. But, they simply don’t care. Even though this is hard to hear, the truth is their partner was not their priority at that period.

4. It Was Their Choice

No one can be forced to cheat, so don’t blame the person they cheated with. It was your partner’s decision to do that and it’s only them that owe you loyalty.

5. They Want to Sweep It Under the Rug

The person who cheats wants to stop hearing about their infidelity and being blamed for it. That’s why some of them ask their partners to forget about it as soon as possible, saying they want a fresh, new beginning.

6. They Could Do the Same Thing Again

Just because you caught your partner cheating once doesn’t necessarily mean they will do it again. But, you can’t know this, even if they assure you they will be faithful to you for the rest of their life. It’s a painful situation but it’s also realistic.

7. Winning Back Trust Will Be Very Hard

Trust is the building block of relationships, so if it’s lost, it could be the end of it. By creating their partners, people lose their trust. What they forget is how difficult it is to win it back. And, a relationship without trust has no future.

You can try to trust that person again, but it will take time. However, there are chances that that person won’t wait around for it.

8. You Can’t Know If That Was The First Time

Once a person knows their partner is capable of cheating them, they can’t know if their partner will do it again, or if they have already done it before.

Their partner could say it was their first time, but they can never be sure if that’s the truth. In fact, that’s connected to the previous fact which says cheating makes you lose the trust in your partner.

9. Cheating Back Won’t Help Anything

Getting even won’t make anyone feel better. In fact, it will probably make the person feel even worse. You deserve better, so don’t waste your time on something you don’t support.

10. There’s Always A Reason for Cheating

A person can say they don’t know what they have cheated on their partner, but there’s always a reason why. They can just decide not to tell it to prevent their partner from being hurt even more.

11. Cheating Doesn’t Mean the Person Was Unhappy

Cheating occurs even in the happiest relationships. It doesn’t always happen because of something the partners did or didn’t do.

12. In Most Cases, People Cheat with Someone They Know

Even though it’s not always the case, people usually cheat with someone they are close to, like their colleague or friend.

13. Emotional Cheating Can Hurt As Well

For some people, emotional cheating is almost the same as physical cheating. It means their partner has built a strong and intimate bond with someone else. It can hurt as much as actual cheating.

What can you say about cheating? Do you support it in some cases or you are totally against it? Feel free to tell your opinion in the comments.