How to Tell If You Have One of The Rarest Personality Types – an INFJ

How to Tell If You Have One of The Rarest Personality Types - an INFJ

Are you different? Have you known for a long time that you are different? Have you felt as others don’t understand you? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should continue reading.

Deep down surely you have always known that you are different. Most likely you are the unicorn when it comes to personality types.

To be more precise, you might be an INFJ. Are you confused? Don’t worry; we will explain everything.

What Is An INFJ?

This is one of the 26 personality types based on the Myers-Briggs scale. This type is rare, as a matter of fact, it is believed to be less than 1% of the world’s population.

This type of people are actually intuitive, and introverted who judge and feel as they can immediately decide the value of a particular thing. They are gifted.

So if you often get that feeling that you are talented and different, that might be because you are this type known as INFJ. It is believed that Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Nelson Mandela were INFJs.

And you have to admit that all of them were amazing people, and if you belong to this type, it is most likely you are astonishing as well. This is type is known as intuitive, emotionally intelligent, mysterious, and diplomatic.

And also misunderstood, sadly this type is prone to be misunderstood.

The Myers-Brigg System

When it comes to the Myers-Brigg system, you should know that it was made by 2 psychologists who were a mother and daughter team.

Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers worked on the psychoanalysis theories and types of Carl Jung to make a better system when it comes to classifying personality types.

What they did is that they divided personality types into 4 different dichotomies: judging/perceiving (J/P), introversion/extroversion (I/E), thinking/feeling (T/F), and intuition/sensing (N/S).

One of The Rare Personality Types

And INFJs are one of the rare personality types. They are intuitive introverts open when it comes to their feelings.

Also, they can understand the feelings of others, have powers of observation and courtesy of their intuitions so that they can judge events easily and fast.

INFJs are loyal as friends, highly organized and compassionate, and empathetic to a fault. They are a great leader as well. But due to having such a personality you can also be easily misunderstood since people won’t know who to read you.

That is why you feel different, and this is something that leads to loneliness. Also, you can easily identify inauthentic individuals for who they truly are.

That mix of keen observational skills and emotional intuition means that you identify the phonies quickly. You always choose quality over quantity.

More About This Type

Your inner warmness actually puts people around you at ease, and they feel comfortable being who they are. You are a great listener, friend, and confidante due to your emotional depth and warmth.

But this also means that you are more willing to forgive. You understand that some people behave a certain way due to their insecurities and past trauma.

You are a truth-seeker. That means that you find meaning in everything. The little things are important to you, those things which are small but have a larger meaning.

Your goal in life is to find insights and understanding, and you do that using your intuition.

New experiences are everything to you since they help you uncover deeper meanings and larger truths, give you that sense of intuition, and build self-reflection.


People think you are an extrovert, but you understand that you are an introvert, since you need time to recharge. You can act as a social chameleon, and that is why people often get this impression.

The Important Things

You have a tight circle of real friends. You have many acquaintances due to your leadership and innate charisma, but you are aware of who your friends really are.

When someone is your friend, it is someone who you love from the bottom of your heart, and this is your friend for life.

You hold firm when it comes to your beliefs. There are some ethical and moral truths that you are certain about and lines you will never cross under any circumstances.

In the case of law, relationship or job doesn’t fit into your moral compass you will turn to yourself about the right thing. You are gifted with language due to your well-developed introversion and inner emotional life.

You always trust your gut. You’re a deep-thinker, and you aren’t superficially. You consider yourself as an old soul. You are a lifelong learner, a researcher, and a reader. Also, you are a big-picture visionary.

That is why you are always a few steps ahead. For you planning is the thing that helps you to be where you want to be. You are a fixer, you see the good in people and want to help them to be the best possible version of themselves.

You look for lifelong relationships. Does this sound familiar to you? If you want to find out if you are an INFJ do it here: https://www.mbtionline.com/