8 Things to Tell the Partner to Keep the Relationship Working

8 Things To Tell Your Partner to Keep Your Relationship Working

Things can get tough in every family, but the more important thing is how we react. To be more precise, how both partners handle the problems in the relationship. So, what do we do when things get rough? Do we press on or we press the eject button?

Calling the divorce lawyer is the quickest and easiest solution for most couples, but it’s not the first thing anyone should do. The wisest decision of both partners would be to try to overcome the difficulty in their relationship. But, how to do that?

Here are a few things partners should tell each other when going through tough times.

1. “What Do You Need From Me Right Now?”

During an argument, one of the partners may want to fight and the other to withdraw by staying silent. But, that won’t solve anything.

Instead, ask your partner what they want from you right now, which should tell them that you want to connect. This should calm them down and enable civilized conversation which should lead to the solution of the problem.

2.” How Can I Make Your Day Better?”

Your partner could be edgy and frustrated, and that’s exactly when you should ask the above question. It allows them to let off steam in whatever way they choose.

They could ask you to listen to them or to give them a quick massage since sometimes an even as simple thing as that could help them calm down.  By doing this, you show that you care about your partner even in times when things are not so great between you two.

3. ”I’m Sorry for…”

When you know you did something wrong, it’s time to apologize. But, you should be specific about the reason you are sorry. In this way, you reduce the anger significantly. And, don’t forget to say how you will improve the situation.

For example: “I’m sorry for not clearing the table after eating. I understand the kitchen looks messy because of the chaos on the table, but I’ll make sure I clear it the next time.”

4. ”Thank You”

Being grateful makes you more attractive. What’s more, your partner will be willing to do more things for you when they know you appreciate their effort.

This includes thanking them for mundane tasks, like taking out the trash or cleaning the room. Just don’t forget to be specific.

5. ”I Love You”

You should say these three words more often, but it’s also good to tell your partner why you love them. Be more specific and tell them exactly what you love them. For example, “I love you because you are brave/kind/thoughtful/respectful/compassionate.”

Remind yourself and your partner about the qualities you appreciate in each other. This will bring you closer and improve your communication.

6. ”I’ll Try Harder to…”

Everyone wants a partner who’s constantly changing and growing as a person. By changing yourself for the better, you will encourage them to change as well.

For example “I’ll try harder with our kid’s homework. I’ll come home early today and practice twelve times table with Timmy.”

7. ”Forgive Me”

This comes after doing the damage. It’s really important to acknowledge your mistake and ask for forgiveness. This is one of the hardest things in every relationship, but it’s also essential, just like the ability to forgive.

8. ”I Would Really Appreciate If You Could…”

Asking your partner for help when you need it is really healthy for your relationship. It reminds both of you that you need each other. Plus, it helps you to solve your problem more quickly.

By providing and offering each other help, you have more respect for one another.

Saying these things to your partner can help improve and maintain your relationship. If you have any other advice, let us know in the comments.