10 Ways to Supercharge Our Dopamine Levels (Feel-Good Hormone)

10 Ways To Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels To Never Feel Sad, Stressed Or Depressed Again

The neurotransmitter called dopamine is released by the brain and it is essential for many bodily functions. It is great for regulating the secretion of prolactin, regulating movement, controlling the center of pleasure and reward, and improving cognitive functions.

Since it is very important for our happiness and wellbeing if there are decreased levels of the neurotransmitter, we may get many health problems such as sadness, emotional troubles, depression, and negativity. (1)

In the article, we offer ten ways that can help increase the dopamine levels in our bodies.

1. Regular Exercise

When you exercise on a regular basis you decrease the stress, get a stronger body, and become happier. So, exercising increases the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin. Do not hesitate just start exercising!

2. Stay Away from Addictions

Many people turn to alcohol, gambling, drugs, and shopping because they get instant pleasure, but sadly, it does not last long. Addictions are just a temporary solution, not a permanent one.

So instead of addictions, find some other things that make you feel good, and things that provide relaxation and calmness. And, if you can, choose a job you love.

3. Detoxification Matters

When there are a lot of toxins and bacteria in your body, dopamine production is interrupted. Make sure to detoxify your body regularly.

4. Increase Tyrosine

One of the twenty-two amino acids that are important for the production of proteins is tyrosine. It is the most important chemical for the production of dopamine.

Also, it increases norepinephrine levels. Drink green tea, and eat almonds, dark chocolate, avocado, bananas, and watermelon to raise this chemical. (2)

5. Listening to Music

Listening to music raises the dopamine levels in the body. Interestingly, playing an instrument can make you smarter, as science says. (3)

6. Organization Matters

Organized daily tasks can help you increase the levels of dopamine. Write your tasks on paper, and check them off as you finish them. You provide satisfaction to yourself when you see you are finishing them one by one.

If a task is 10 percent of your routine, you will be able to finish it because you believe it is small. Make a balance between 10 and 25 percent of new behaviors if you want to try some new things.

7. Creative Activities

Doing creative activities raises the level of dopamine and keeps you focused. Try singing, drawing, dancing, knitting, cooking, etc., and you will feel better.

8. Streak

This means that you should have a visual reminder of the number of things you have done in a row. You will become more satisfied and happier. Plan your goals, and when you achieve them, mark them on your calendar.

9. Supplements

You can use supplements to raise the levels of dopamine in your body. For instance, curcumin is an ingredient found in turmeric, and it can help you increase dopamine.

Also, you can try Ginkgo Biloba, L-theanine, and a healthy dose of Acetyl-l-tyrosine.

10. Meditation

As you know meditation is really healthy. It can help you increase the levels of dopamine in a different way than cardio. It puts you in a good mood, relaxes your mind, and makes you feel more energetic. (4)

It is a great way to decrease stress each day. According to Harvard studies, meditation can help you rebuild brain gray matter in just two months. (5)