11 Things Strong Women Never Do for a Man

11 Things Strong Women Never Do for a Man

When feeling insecure or being head over heels for someone, we may put someone else’s needs and desires before our own. Although making compromises is normal in relationships, we should know when to stop to prevent losing a part of who we are.

Love is the driving force in this universe, but there are certain things no woman should do for her partner. This, of course, doesn’t mean she loves him less than he deserves, but that she doesn’t allow herself to sacrifice her happiness for his. And, that’s what we should all do, women or men.

Here are a few things no strong woman would agree to do for any man.

11 Things No Woman Should Do for a Man

1. Have Children

Both partners should want to become parents before considering this serious commitment. Some people don’t like the idea of being a parent, and others don’t feel prepared for it, and that’s perfectly normal.

So, no woman should agree to have children just because her partner wants. She has to want it and feel ready for it.

2. Starve

Her man could say he liked her better when she was skinnier, but this doesn’t mean she should starve just to please him. Although losing some extra pounds is always a good idea, there are healthier options than starving, such as exercising.

But, women should do this only if they want and not because they are told or forced to do so. And, they should first do this for themselves, and then for their man.

3. Change Style

A strong woman knows who she is and she is proud of it. She will never allow a man to tell her how to dress. If her partner doesn’t like her outfit, she doesn’t change it. She keeps her style as that’s part of her character.

4. Do Something Uncomfortable in the Bedroom

Women should never do something they don’t like in the bedroom, no matter how much their partner insists on it. Attempts to manipulate them like “Try it for me,” or “I know you’ll like it” only show the selfishness of their partner.

5. Tattoo His Name

Women, do not tattoo his name on your body as you can never be sure that you’ll love him forever. Things can change, and you might regret this decision for the rest of your life.

6. Do All the Household Chores

Strong women don’t do all the household chores as they know that partners in a healthy relationship take turns.

7. Give Control

A strong woman knows that they are both equal, so she doesn’t let him control everything in the relationship.

8. Dumb Down

Ladies, don’t hide your intelligence in front of your partner. We don’t say you should try too hard to sound smart, but not to pretend you are less capable or less intelligent than you are just to make him happier.

9. Ditch Friends

Every person needs some time for themselves, their hobbies, and friends. When one of the partners is too needy, the other shouldn’t ditch friends just to please them. Instead, they should explain to their partner the importance of personal time in every relationship.

10. Give Up Her Dreams

No woman should have to choose between her man and her dream. If she’s always wanted to be a doctor, she shouldn’t let him talk her out of it. True love means always finding a way to make things work.

11. Change Her Morals

We all have a different set of morals, and that’s normal. So, a man should respect his partner’s morals even when he doesn’t share them, and vice versa.

A strong woman knows that her man should admire her morals instead of trying to change them. So, she never lets him convince her to break them.

Being in love means letting that person become a huge part of your life. But, your love doesn’t grant your partner authority over your decisions.