Strong Women Never Beg for Attention – They Simply Walk Away

Strong Women Never Beg for Attention, They Simply Walk Away

A lot of women have been in a similar situation with a certain man. They meet him, and he is interesting to listen to, he is charming, one thing leads to another, and they are together.

They decide to give him and their relationship a chance. He is the type of man who is persistent, and he is someone she likes; she has a lot of fun and sparks are flying all over the place.

You can tell that you have a real connection and you start to see a future with him. You begin to fantasize about the life that you are going to share together. Then out of the blue, he vanishes from your life.

He clearly saw that you are starting to take him seriously so instead of facing with emotions he decided to bolt. He left, without looking back. He decided to walk away from everything the both of you have built and what you could have become.

All of a sudden there is a sudden change in everything. You got to the point of being happy and sure to broken, and frustrated. Why is this? This is all because your man could not bring himself to commit to you as you did to him.

The worst part of everything is the fact that you have to deal with everything alone because he left without a goodbye or closure. Now, you have to make sense of all that has happened, and you have to do it on your own.

You have to come to terms with the fact that your relationship wasn’t really real because if it were, he wouldn’t have walked away like that.

You, my dear, you have to deal with all of your pain and disappointment. It can be frustrating at first, but you got to look at the bigger picture, and that is the fact that by showing his true feelings he actually showed his true colors.

And surely this is something you want to see. You became vulnerable, and that is the moment he decided to leave, but my dear the real man would never do that.

He just wasn’t right for you, and thanks to him, you will appreciate the good men that come into your life. He left because he wasn’t capable of giving you what you gave him.

You let your guard down, but he put up his walls and became unreachable and inaccessible. This is the truth; you need to face. And it is entirely normal if you are frustrated and angry at the situation.

So what should you do? You should call him or yell at him, the best revenge my dear is to move on. Surely, you do not want to come off as pathetic, reckless, desperate, and sad.

My dear, you are a strong woman, and a strong woman never begs any man to stay. Have the courage and bravery to walk away when you know he isn’t worth it. Choose yourself, put yourself first.

In case a man doesn’t make an effort to stay in your life, then you should know that he is just not worth the trouble. You should give your energy, time, attention, and love only to those people who deserve it.

Value your time and do not waste it. Never beg, walk away, and do not look back. He, my dear, he does not deserve you and he never will.