3 Ways Mentally Strong People Handle Spiteful Comments

3 Ways Mentally Strong People Handle Spiteful Comments

A witty comment is welcome among friends, especially because it inspires good humor. But, aggressive comments that hide hatred and anger are spiteful comments. Those cynical comments are definitely something most people won’t want to hear.

Like ‘’that dress really suits her’’ while deep down the person saying that really thinks the dress looks ugly on her. Obviously, their initial goal is to make fun of the girl wearing the dress, hoping that she will be a laughing stock.

These people are evil. Their job is to drag you down and prove they are better than you.

You Need to Stay Strong

According to one particular research in 2016 by Michigan State University, it is possible that incivility can spread.

According to the research, people who were subjected to spiteful comments, sarcasm, and evil deeds wasted their entire mental energy in an effort to interpret these evil people’s intentions. They were mentally exhausted and couldn’t manage their emotions.

As a result, they lashed out since they had no energy left to suppress their impatience. Well, it seems that only one spiteful individual is enough to cause this serious problem. That is why it is crucial that you be careful.

Luckily there is a way you can remain mentally strong and learn to deal with the spiteful comments. Here is how mentally strong people do it according to Psychology Today.

1. They Don’t Let Other People Control Them

If you let others control you, you will give them the power over you. Obviously, you don’t want these spiteful comments influencing your life or how you feel about yourself. Don’t let such an individual take over your life.

Set up boundaries so that those spiteful remarks will not affect your self-worth.

How to Do It?

Whenever you are talking with a person like that make sure that you stay calm. Collect your thoughts and walk away. Don’t let them affect you or your way of life.

2. They Don’t Stoop to Their Level

Mentally strong people never let spiteful people into their life. They know their values and respect their own priorities in life. They have achieved inner peace and have no intention of letting snarky people into their life.

How to Do It?

Don’t stoop to their level. Don’t let them make you angry. What you should do is face them head-on and be a better person.

3. They Know When to Speak Up and When to Be Quiet

It is important for mentally strong people to be assertive and willing to speak up. But, since they spot a snarky person from a mile away, they already know what they are going to say.

They are simply too smart to let those snarky people provoke them. Instead, mentally strong people know exactly what to say and when to say it.

How to Do It?

Well, let’s say you are talking to this guy and while you are retelling the story he starts rolling his eyes. When that happens, we suggest you ask them ‘’I see you are rolling your eyes. Is there something bothering you?’’

They will definitely be intrigued by the question and will be stunned for a moment. This is the best opportunity for you to take the lead and show them you will not accept their behavior.