Inside the Narcissist’s Wicked Mind and Their Make-Believe World of Illusions

Inside the Narcissist's Wicked Mind and Their Make-Believe World of Illusions

We’re not always aware of the narcissists in our lives. In fact, we probably see narcissists all the time. They are the ones we see on TV; we’re reading their novels, we’re voting for them, we listen carefully to their lectures.

We’re cheering for them at games, we admire their confidence, laugh when they tell a joke, marvel at their big success.

Yes, you too do all of that. As a matter of fact, the narcissist was the one that gave you a hand and helped you build yourself up. The one that made you laugh when you were sad or made you feel alive when you felt invisible.

Now, are you aware of them? They are your savior, inspiration, a partner in crime, role model, best friend, and lover.

But, besides all of the things above mentioned they could also be your worst nightmare. Why is that? Well, first of all, they are the ones who build you up since they know that you need at the moment.

You are in pain, and you are suffering. Then suddenly out of the blue this person appears and shakes your world by not only making you feel better but making you feel amazing. And the only goal here is to tear you down later.

And what will happen? You will let that happen; you will allow since you were used to such behavior. A narcissist will tell you that you are a social embarrassment, immoral, disgusting, untrustworthy, incompetent, and unreliable.

They will tell you all that in your face since they believe it is their right to do so. All narcissists behave how they want anywhere and anytime. They disregard all social conventions and norms.

You should remember something they are the type of people that would lie to you without a second thought. And no, they will never change. As a matter of fact, bear in mind that their lies are actually their truth, truth which you believe.

You believe them since they do not sound or look like someone that would lie to you. You are afraid that if you question them, they will question your sanity in return.

The narcissists feel entitled to your sanity since you have given them all your energy and trust and you’ve invested your dreams and hopes in them. In a way, you get your confidence from what they say.

If you tell this to others, it is possible that no one will believe you. It is like that since they only see what the narcissist presents, and that is a “perfect person.”

How do people see the whole situation? They see you as the villain, a person who is also emotionally unstable. To all people, you are the bad one.

You are disappointed. But no, they will tell that they are the ones who are disappointed because you are bad for their “reputation.”

You are the reason why they are angry and frustrated. And that rage makes them feel even more in control and additionally empowers them. How? Well lying to them feels amazing.

However, there is a twist. The narcissist can also be their own worst nightmare. It is like that since their life is a lie. They do not have a clue what are they saying and doing when they say and do something.

They don’t want to identify the reason. The narcissist doesn’t want to be questioned about how they behave.

The thing is that they reconstruct the reality and all the facts, they are acting and playing a role of the perfect person, lover, best friend, and colleague.

So, why would they pick you to do all of this? They prefer to use co-dependent individuals just like you, just to keep the illusion that they are perfect and good people.

They aren’t fools, they are entirely aware of what they are doing, they know that there is some evil in them, but they won’t admit this under no circumstance.

They do this since they envy you and since they are aware that they are different from you and this is a fact that horrifies them.

The narcissist is terrified that other individuals might function perfectly without them. For a narcissist, this is the worst fear, that they aren’t a number 1 priority and that they aren’t needed.

That is why they always use tricks to lure people into their world of manipulations and lies. So, after knowing all the facts, the inevitable question comes: Would you allow this to happen?

Remember, not everyone deserves to be part of your life. You should only keep those people in your life that help you grow and evolve.

It might hurt to put yourself first, but it is worth it. You only live once, so you should live your life with people that really belong there, people that will help you have the best possible life.