The Story That Will Change Your Perspective on Anger

The Story That Will Change Your Perspective on Anger

Every single person on this planet understands and has felt anger. Surely you have felt it at least once in your life, whether as a full-fledged rage or fleeting annoyance. You need to understand that anger is a normal human emotion.

An emotion which in certain situations might be healthy.

However, when this gets out of control and becomes destructive, it can cause different issues. Issues in the quality of life, issues in your relationships, and also issues at your workplace.

Anger can go all the way to feel as you are at the mercy of potent and unpredictable emotion. The truth is that this is an intense feeling which can occur to everyone. Sometimes you might believe that what you are feeling is because of others.

However, you need to understand that anger links only to ourselves and how we think. No one else on Earth is responsible for our actions; we are the only ones who have this responsibility.

The other trait of anger is that it is actually a secondary emotion. What does this mean? It means that we first feel wronged, wounded, or crowded and that is when we show our anger.

Perhaps all our previous feelings are seen as “weaknesses.” Anger can be pretty confusing. Do you know how to deal with it? Maybe this story below will change your perspective on anger.

A Lesson on Anger

One sunny day everything seemed fine as Buddha walked into one small village. Then out of the blue, on young man approached Buddha and started to yell and offend him.

The rude young man said: “Who are you to teach the world? You are just as dumb as everyone else, and you are a scammer!”

This didn’t upset Buddha, and he simply asked the man: “Can I ask you a question? If you get a present for someone and that person does not receive it, who does this present belong to?”

The young man quickly replied: “It belongs to me because I was the one who got it!” “

Then he smiled and replied:” That is a right young man. But you see the present is just the same as your anger. When you get angry, and I do not get offended, the anger only returns and stays with you.

You are the one that is unhappy, and not me. So what do you do? You hurt yourself” This confused the young man.

Then he continued: “You see in order to stop hurting yourself, the first thing you should do is eliminate your anger and convert it to love. You see, young man, when you hate others, you are the one that is unhappy. But when you love others, then, everyone is happy.”