7 Obvious Signs Someone Likes Us

7 Obvious Signs Someone Likes Us

Love can appear in the strangest places. It will mask so many things in our life until we notice. Love is truly special. It can be right across the room, at work, or at the shop. We can never know. That is what makes love truly exciting.

But, many of us ignore the signs. So, we end up missing the one we might fall in love with. Here are the signs that show someone is really trying to win you over.

1. They Give You Things You Like

This person knows exactly what you want. Whether it is your favorite food, drink, or phone, they know what you need. Without a second thought, they will buy it for you. They notice small things.

They remember sharing moments with you and remember the things you used to say. They want you to pay attention to them and feel the need to be acknowledged and accepted.

2. They Always Compliment You

Whether it is face-to-face, social media, or via text, they will say the nicest things to you. They will always express their admiration and praise you for the things you have done. This way they will try to win you over.

3. Body Language Signals

When someone likes you, they will always smile in your presence.

They will act out and give you hints. According to the author of Body Language & the Social Order, Dr. Albert Scheflen, when someone is in the presence of the opposite gender, they change physiologically.

This also applies to other types of attractions that are not solely focused on the opposite gender. When we are interested in someone, we change our posture. We make sure we dress nicely, smile, and try to act proudly.

In other words, we use physical attraction to win their hearts.

4. Constant Eye Contact

When someone likes you, they will gaze into your eyes. This way they will know your secrets. They will know how you feel about them and see if you actually like them too. If you avoid eye contact, they might think you don’t like them back.

So, if you are interested in this person, we suggest you flirt with your eyes. Do the best you can and show them that you also like them.

5. They Are Interested In Your Hobbies

They want to know what you do in your free time since they want to share these moments with you. If you want to play games, they will share their passion with you. If you want to watch movies, they will ask what kind of movies you watch.

Finding out about your interests makes them happy. They want to know more about you, so it is only natural to ask for more. Also, when someone likes you, they will try to win you over with their heart by sharing your interest and hanging out with you.

It is only normal that they want to spend time with you to get to know you.

6. They Engage

Now, this is an obvious sign. If the person you like tries to hold your hand or hug you for an extended period, it could mean that they really like you. If you like them back, feel free to hold their hand.

7. They Ask About Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

If you are already taken, every time they see you they will ask what about ‘’him’’, what is he doing? They want to make sure you are single before they engage.