What Does It Mean If Someone Cries During Movies?

What Does It Mean If Someone Cries During Movies

We’ve probably all been in a situation where we are in a movie theater, watching a movie, and suddenly we feel that we are choking and tears begin to roll down our cheeks. Sound familiar?

People who experience that often know that it is something that can be hard to control. Most people who cry during movies usually are teased by their friends. However, no one should be ashamed of that.

Why? Read on to find out. It is believed that those people who shed a tear or two during movies are empaths.

You should know that narcissists and sociopaths are actually born without empathy. What does that mean? It means that these people aren’t capable of understanding others on any level.

They simply cannot put themselves into the shoes of other people. The truth is that caring for people around you means that you are strong. Why? Because life might put different people through bad ordeals.

Understanding them during these events and situations, and understanding the pain says a lot about you. Empaths are strong enough to feel the pain of the people around them, and at the same time to stay strong for themselves.

Although those people on the screen are fictional characters and you are perfectly aware that it is just a movie still they are compassionate. And the fact that you can quickly recover after they turn on the lights in the cinema shows how strong you are.

Also, it means that you can make a difference between reality and fiction. It is believed that people cry during movies since they might have gone through the same things that the character is going through on the screen.

Therefore, remembering those past events and the way you felt back then might be painful. It is said that people who cry during movies are good people since they are conscious and thoughtful of the feelings and emotions of others.

It is said that they are good as team leaders and also team workers. That they are highly valuable friends and partners as well. There is no reason to mock such people only because they assess and experience emotions.

It is a common misconception that these people are weak, but is actually the opposite; they are strong. They are strong enough to deal with their emotions. You need to see tears as a manifestation of the range and potency of your emotions.

People produce tears during both times of excessive joy and great pain. There is a reason why most people cry both during happy, triumphant scenes and sad ones.

Understand that people aren’t meant to hold feelings in, or neglect emotions, or people would not experience these things in the first place. Also, it is believed that crying can be a good thing since it might relieve stress.

It is said that not crying can increase stress, and that might impact physical health. So, if you are one of the many who cries during movies don’t be ashamed it is completely normal.

And if you aren’t part of this group, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you are less empathic than them. Every individual is different, right? Never mind in which category you belong, pick a movie, make popcorns and enjoy.

This is a little pleasure in life, but it what makes life complete. Sometimes nothing is better than a movie and popcorn. Speaking of movies, what movie has made you cry the most?