The Smarter People Are, The Harder It Is To Find True Love

Smart people lead different types of lives, and they cannot find true love just like that. Why is that so? Well, smart people are more doubtful and have more problems in their dating life. It may not make sense because smart ones are capable of finding solutions. (1)

However, here is why intelligent people have difficulties in finding true love:

1. They Spend More Time on Success Than on Relationships

Smart people tend to focus on achievements in their life. They spend a lot of time attending classes of piano, swimming, tennis, violin, etc. Their focus is on the development of their talents in order to become successful people. (2)

So, as a result, they do not have a lot of time to dedicate to dating.

2. They Look for More

When it comes to dating, smart people have a difficult time. They often look deeply into a person’s soul in order to make sure they are interested, and they want to commit. (3)

3. They Do Not Feel Sensual

When people focus only on their accomplishments, they get the label “the smart one.” Losing themselves in developing their mental capabilities, smart people forget about their appearance. And, that is a problem because this way they cannot attract partners.

In order to get someone to be attracted to you, you need to work more on how you look, after all, people at first get interested in their partner’s appearance.

4. They Get In Their Own Way of Romantic Success

Smart people think they are smarter than everyone, so that may stand in the way of getting that man/woman they like. While eliminating people that are not as equally smart as themselves, they end up with less choice they can imagine.

If you belong to this list, you should remember that forgetting about how smart you are for a moment, may get you a romantic relationship. Otherwise, you should get ready to search the world in order to find that perfectly smart person, or you may end up in a monastery.

So, choose to relax and open your heart to people.

5. They Think They Deserve Love Because of Their Achievements

When smart people work hard and focus on achieving their goals, they get awards, love from parents, respect from other people, etc. Getting a good result provokes positivity, and they think it is the same with love life.

For instance, a boy may think that if he has more accomplishments he may get the attention of even more girls. But, that is not the case. If you belong to this list, remember that love needs to be earned in a different way.

6. They Confront Issues Straight Away

Smart people do not like dancing around problems, so they solve them immediately. They know what is good, and what is bad. Also, they do not mind letting their partners know about a problem, and, some people do not like their attitude.

7. They Often Do Not Notice Things

They tend to focus on more important things. So, often, they miss the little things, even though it is not their purpose to offend someone.

Well, to find their true love, smart people need to open their hearts even to people that are not as smart as they are. True love hides in the most unexpected places.