Sleeping In a Particular Way May Improve Our Life

According to research, sleeping in our birthday suits can have significant effects when it comes to our overall health. If we exclude the provocative aspect of it, sleeping in our birthday suit, it’s not about improving the love life, but it can surely help.

Sleeping naked is actually a fantastic way to improve your overall mind, body, and health. Do you want to sleep in your cozy pajamas? Or do you want to sleep only in your undies?

Well, today you are going to discover why you need to sleep in your birthday suit.

6 Reasons Why It’s Better to Sleep Naked

#1 When Sleeping Naked the Body Releases Oxytocin

In case you and your significant other sleep naked there is one thing that might happen. Once both of you touch each other skin, your bodies will release oxytocin. You should know that oxytocin is also known as the love hormone.

This hormone can help in many different ways. Oxytocin can lower blood pressure, lower stress, increase your happiness and help with depression.

Furthermore, sleeping in your birthday suit might improve your love life. It might help bring back that spark you might have been missing.

There was a survey done on this topic in 2014. Based on the survey, around 57 percent of married couples who went to bed in their birthday suit was happier in comparison to those couples who slept in pajamas.

Also, 15 percent of those couples who slept naked said that they have a fantastic love life.

#2 The Cortisol Levels Reduce

You see, the very moment you fall asleep your body instantly lowers its temperature.

Therefore, sleeping naked may help regulate the body temperature. In that way, your cortisol levels might help reduce excess weight, unhealthy food cravings, stress, and anxiety.

#3 You Shall Sleep Much Better

When you wear pajamas, and you are covered with a blanket, your body overheats, And by sleeping naked, you will not allow your body to reach its optimal temperature. That is why many people are restless, and they can fall asleep, tossing and turning.

Toss the pajamas, and you will keep your body cool.

#4 You Will Feel and Look Younger

You should know that while we sleep our body releases different hormones. One such hormone is the growth hormone, i.e. melatonin. This specific hormone might help prolong the aging of the skin.

However, it is said that the best way to get these benefits is to sleep in a room that is below 21˚C or  70˚F. Because our body might overheat, and we won’t be able to fall asleep.

#5 Improves the Testicular Health

For all guys, this is a great bonus. It is believed that wearing boxes throughout the day and sleeping in your birthday suit at night might improve the quality of the semen.

For this to be scientifically proved, researchers studied around 500 men. These men were actually advised to sleep in their birthday suits for 1 year. The results showed that the quality of their semen significantly improved.

According to the researchers, those men who wear uncomfortable and tight clothing raise the temperature of the testicles. This leads to the bad quality of their semen.

Therefore, men should sleep naked in order to lower the temperature of their bodies.

#6 Feeling More Confident

Everyone needs a boost from time to time. For that, the best way is to feel comfortable in your skin. Therefore, you should sleep naked. You need to understand that the more confident you are, the happier you will be.

So, by knowing all this, will you sleep naked?