The Way Couples Sleep Together Can Say A Lot About Their Relationship?

The Way Couples Sleep Together Can Say A Lot About Their Relationship

The way we walk, sit and eat can say a lot about us. So can the way we sleep. All people sleep, but the way we sleep might reveal something interesting about us. How is that? Well, if we sleep on our back, it might mean that we are the strong type.

On the other hand, if we prefer to sleep on our stomach, that might mean that we have a playful and open personality.

But, what happens when you throw different personalities and sleeping styles into one single bed?

Just think about it. Imagine yourself in bed just about to fall asleep. What sleeping position you are in? Now imagine yourself with your partner. What sleeping position you are now? Are you on the opposite sides of the bed or are you cuddling?

Well, you should know that like everything else, the way you sleep with your partner can say a lot about your relationship, how close you are and how you feel about each other.

How is that possible? Well, it is simple but fascinating at the same time. When we sleep our subconscious mind takes over, and the body language we use might be an excellent way to gauge what is going on in your relationship.

7 Different Positions with 7 Different Meanings

#1 Sleeping Back to Back, You Touch with No Space Between Both of You

You should know that this sleeping position is standard for those who have just recently begun dating. You touch each other with the lower part of the body, and you should know that this means that you both feel relaxed and comfortable with one another.

#2 You Sleep on Your Partner’s Chest

Do you use your partner’s chest as a pillow? Well, you should know that this is common for those who have just started dating, and for those who have rekindled their love for one another. It is a sweet and comfortable way to fall asleep, knowing you are loved.

#3 You Sleep Intertwined But During the Night You Move Apart From Each Other

Your arms and legs are intertwined, and your faces are close, but during the night you move apart. This is actually a good sign since this sleeping position stands for intimacy and independence between both of you.

#4 You Sleep Facing Each Other, Without Touching

This indicated that both of you are emotionally demanding of one another. This might mean that you need better communication and more intimacy.

#5 You Sleep Back to Back and Far Apart

Believe it or not, but this position is actually very common between couples since it is comfortable and practical. At first, it might seem as your love is fading and you are distant, but that is not the case.

This sleeping position shows that both partners are secure and comfortable with each other. Both of them are close and deeply connected, but they also enjoy their independence.

#6 One Partner Dominates the Bed

This is a bad sign. If you sleep like that with your partner, it might mean that you are in a toxic relationship.

#7 Spooning Position

This is very common sleeping position. This position indicated that both partners are close. The “big spoon” represents the person who is protective of the partner who is actually the “small spoon.”

Moreover, it might mean that both partners feel secure, trust and have confidence in each other. So what does your sleeping position say about you and your significant other? Do you agree that the way you sleep can tell a lot about your relationship?