10 Things People Experience If They Are Highly Intuitive Empaths

If You Experience These 10 Signs, You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy

Who has heard the term empath? Who understands what it really means? Who has wondered if they are an empath themselves? Want to find out? The thing is, empaths are highly sensitive when it comes to emotions.

They feel everything and most of the time they might feel to the extreme. They are good listeners, naturally giving, and spiritually attuned.

Through thick and thin, empaths always have your back; it is like that since they are world-class nurturers.

Can you relate to this? Well, you should know that there are also empaths who don’t feel only for others, but in fact, they are in tune with their intuition as well.

These empaths are known as highly intuitive empaths. If you want to know if you belong to this group you must know the signs which prove you are.

Intrigued? Read on, to find out more. Maybe you will discover something, and you will better understand yourself.

10 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath

#1 You Can Predict Things Before They Happen

Usually, you can predict the outcome of a certain event or a situation in your head before it plays out.

#2 You Have a Constant Need to Recharge

You often feel the need to be alone after you have spent the day with many people cause that for you means different energies and emotions. People might find you anti-social, but you’re actually a highly intuitive empath.

#3 You Simply Connect to Certain People

When you are out with people, you instinctively feel drawn to some people because you can sense some things about them. For some, you might feel a bad vibe, but certain people attract you right away.

#4 Dreaming About Events and Situations Before They Happen

Have you had a dream of a specific event that later actually happened? To you, it may seem like a coincidence, but most likely it isn’t. Probably what you are experiencing is your intuition.

#5 A Silent Room Might Seem Noisy To You

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you are in a room with people, and it is quiet, but still to you everything is loud? If you have experienced this, don’t worry.

It is like that since you are able to feel what the other people in the room are feeling and this might become overwhelming.

#6 Usually You End Up Getting What You Want

Most people struggle to get what they want or get something done. But you feel like your achieving your dreams and goals with easiness.

#7 Having a Bad Feeling About a Situation and Being Right

It is quite normal to get a bad feeling in the gut from time to time, but most people don’t trust it or just neglect it. However, in case this keeps happening to you and in the case at the end, it turns up that you have been right about it all along, then you are a highly intuitive empathy.

#8 You Simply Know When Someone Is Full of It

You can easily know whether someone is honest, and you don’t even need to know them in order to realize that.

#9 You Can’t Stand the Suffering of Others

You should know that empathic individuals are not able to witness any type of violence and suffering. As a matter of fact, some empaths can’t even watch violent films. Also, they cannot bear when people laugh at the misfortunes of others.

# 10 You Don’t Feel Comfortable in Big Groups

An empath sees big groups as anxiety-creating and exhausting things. It is like that due to the diversity and intensity of different situations which involve a significant number of people.

As a matter of fact, it is common for empaths to prefer to be with a small group of people or maybe alone. In case they need to be in social situations which involve big groups, often they feel the need to withdraw early in order to recharge their batteries.

So, do you think you are a highly intuitive empath? Can you relate to the signs above mentioned?