Single or Married, The Story Will Get People Thinking

Single or Married, The Story Will Get People Thinking

It does not matter if someone is single or married, people should read the following story. It is a story about marriage. And, it will get people thinking about life and things that matter as well as those that do not.

One night, at dinner, I took my wife’s hand and told her that we needed to talk. I saw the pain in her eyes. All of a sudden, I had no idea how to talk, but I knew I had to tell her.

So, I do not know how, but I told her that I wanted a divorce. Surprisingly, she was not upset and asked me why I would want that. We did not have a conversation, but she wept. She wanted to know if something was going on with me.

In fact, it was our marriage, but I do not know what. I stopped loving her, and I had another one. Her name was Joan. Instead of loving my wife, I felt sorry for her. Since I felt guilty, the divorce agreement said that she would keep the house, 30 percent of our business, as well as the car.

When she saw the agreement, she ditched it. Ten years of her life belonged to me, and then we became strangers. I felt sorry for her, for all of that time that is now gone. But, I could not change anything. I was in love with the other woman.

And, then, my wife started screaming. Now, I knew why I wanted a divorce. The following day when I got home, I saw my wife writing. I did not have dinner because I was too tired; I was with Joan the whole day.

When I woke up and saw her still writing. It did not matter; I went back to sleep. The next morning, my wife showed me her condition. She explained she did not want to get anything, but only a month before we split up.

Actually, her request was to live for a month as nothing was going on. She said that the reason was that our son had a lot of exams, and she did not want to make him sad. Of course, I agreed. But, there was another condition.

She wanted me to carry her to our bedroom on the day we got married. Even though I thought that this was nonsense, I agreed. We had not touched each other since I told her about the divorce. So, the first day when I took her in my arms, our son was very happy. I felt a lot of pain.

By holding my wife in my arms, I walked 10 meters. When she closed her eyes, she asked me not to tell our son about our divorce. Then, I left the house and went to work. The next day we were more relaxed.

My wife leaned on my chest, and I felt the pleasant smell of her blouse. Suddenly, I realized that I had not noticed that she had wrinkles and gray hairs; she was not that young anymore. At one moment, I asked myself what had I done.

The day number four, I felt like there was some affection returning to us. This woman dedicated ten years of her life to me. This continued on the fifth and the sixth day, and I did not talk about Joan.

As every day passed, my wife was easier to be carried on; I thought I got used to carrying her. Then, one morning she was thinking of what to wear. All of her dresses seemed too big.

I realized that she was too thin, so that was the reason why she was so light. I realized that I was guilty of provoking pain and bitterness.

She touched my hair. Then, our son said that it was time for me to take his mom to the front door. He liked when I was carrying my wife in my hands. My wife gave him a hug, and I covered my face.

I was scared that maybe I had changed my mind about the divorce. Holding her in my hands felt like our wedding day. I held her strong in my arms as on our wedding day. When I hugged, I did not move. And I got sad because she was too thin.

When the last day came, I hugged her but did not want to move. I told her that I could not realize that we needed privacy. Then, I went to work; I left my car with an opened door, I entered the office, saw Joan, and told her that I did not want a divorce.

When Joan heard that, she asked if I had a fever. I said that I and my wife were in love, but our marriage was boring. We did not value our life, and I realized that since I started carrying her in my arms. Then, Joan slapped me and closed the door.

I went to the florist and bought my wife flowers. The girl that was working there, wrote on a card “I would hold you in my arms till death do us apart.” When I got home, smiling with flowers in my arms, I saw my wife dead.

While I was busy with Joan, my wife was struggling with cancer. I did not realize that. She knew that she was dying, and that is why she asked for that month. She did not want our son to have bad memories of a broken marriage.

After all, my son would remember his father as a good man who loved his wife. So, you should remember that the small details are what matter in life. It does not matter what type of car you have, or the bank account.

Those things only make you think that will bring you happiness, but they do not. Always try to keep your marriage happy. Share this with other people; you may save someone’s marriage. And, we have no idea of what we have till the day we lose it.

Source: Happy Life Report