11 Signs You Are Victim of Gaslighting

11 Signs You Are Victim of Gaslighting

Have you heard about the term “gaslighting”? It is actually a manipulation tactic that is usually used to gain power, and it is a really effective tactic. Probably you have experienced this, or you are experiencing it right now, and you are not even aware of it.

To be more precise gaslighting is a tactic in which an entity or person, to gain power, makes the victim question reality, and confuses victims.

This really happens, and anyone is prone to this tactic. As a matter of fact, this is a common technique of cult leaders, abusers, narcissists, and dictators.

Gaslighting is done slowly, in order for the victim not to understand that they are brainwashed. How to protect yourself from such things? Well, you need to learn the signs.

11 Techniques of People Who Gaslight

#1 They Deny Something, Even If You Have Proof

It is very common for such people to deny saying or doing something, even if you have proof. You know you saw it, you know you heard it, but they deny it anyway. Then can manipulate you to the point that you become questioning your reality.

Their ultimate goal is always to be right and for you to accept their reality no matter what.

#2 Over Time They Wear You Down

This is a crucial thing about this tactic; it is done slowly and gradually. A lie here, a comment there and it begins ramping up. Even the most self-aware, brightest people might be sucked into this because it is so subtle.

#3 A Gaslighter Throws in Positive Comments Just to Confuse You

This entity or person that is wearing you down, continually reminding you that you have no value whatsoever, can be praising you for something all of a sudden.

This confuses you additionally. You start to think that maybe he or she is not that bad, but the reality is different.

This unexpected praise is nothing but a calculated attempt to keep you around, for you to love them and question reality. Also, you should pay attention to what they praised you for; probably it is something which served them.

#4 They Project

They are a cheater or a drug user, but still, you are the one accused of that. Often this is done in order for you to begin defending yourself and eventually to be distracted from their behavior.

#5 They Present You to Others as Crazy

This is one of the most common techniques of the gaslighter. They do this because they know that people eventually won’t believe you if these same people question your sanity. They won’t think that the gaslighter is out of control or abuse.

#6 They Try to Convince You That Everyone Else Is a Liar

They do their best to convince you that everyone from the media all over to your family is a liar, and this makes you question what is real.

You have never known someone to do this, so they must be honest, right? Actually no. This is a manipulation technique. They do this so they can control you.

#7 They Alight People Against You

You should know that these people are masters when it comes to manipulating and selecting the people they believe will support them no matter what. What they do is that they use this person against you.

Often they make comments like: “Becky also knows you are no good,” or maybe “Robert knows you are useless too.”

Remember, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these people said those things. Bear in mind; a gaslighter is a liar. They do this so you won’t have anyone else to turn to or trust.

And they make you go back to them. They want this because with isolation they have more control over you.

#8 They Confuse You to Make You Weak

These people are very well aware that people want to have a sense of normalcy and stability. In fact, they want to uproot this, so you will eventually question everything.

And we people have a natural tendency to look to the entity or person with whom you will feel safer and more stable – and that person is the gaslighter.

#9 Behavior and Words Don’t Match

When dealing with an entity or a person who gaslights, you should pay attention to their behavior and not their words. You will find out that their words mean nothing, the problem is their behavior.

#10 These People Use What Is Dear to You as Ammunition

These people know just how important your parents and kids are to you. What they do is an attack where it hurts. Would a friend attack you where it hurts you the most? No. So they are not your friend.

#11 They Lie

Sometimes it is too apparent that they are lying, but they still do it. Why? Because these people are setting up a precedent. Keeping you off-kilter and unsteady is their goal.


By knowing these techniques, you can recognize them and avoid their trap. These people are no good for your physical and mental health. There is no point in having them in your life.