10 Signs Someone Has Been Stressed for Too Long

10 Signs You've Been Stressed for Too Long

Has anyone been under big stress lately? Does it happen more often than before? Most people ignore the fact that they are under too much stress mostly because they don’t know how to change things. And what happens? They end up being worked up for far too long.

And it starts to take a severe toll on their well-being and health. Being stressed for an extended period of time can become a severe issue. It can quickly take a toll on people around us and us as well.

Most people ignore the signs of stress until they have health issues and cannot ignore them anymore. How to know if you’re under stress for a long time? You need to know the signs. Below you will see some of the most common signs of stress.

If you can relate, then you need to take some serious actions and deal with your stress.

10 Signs You Have Been Stressed for Far Too Long

#1 You Either Struggle to Eat or Eat Too Much

The change in your appetite is the first sign you are under stress. Some people under stress eat a lot while on the other hand, others struggle to eat.

#2 You Are Always Tired

Do you feel like you are always tired? Then this is a sign that you are too stressed. In such a case, everything feels as if it is working against us. If you cannot figure out what to do, then you should know that you are under stress.

#3 You Experience Intense Breakdown Moments

Most people under stress open up more. People break down at some of the worst times. It seems as if you are struggling to keep yourself together. If you have more and more breakdown moments, then stress is getting the best of you.

#4 Everything Seems Worse Then It Is

When stressed you overreact even to small things. You cannot hold it. The stress here is apparent.

#5 You Become Highly Irritable

When under stress all people become highly irritable. You can notice it and all people around you can notice it.

#6 Everything and Everyone Is Annoying

When under stress things we previously loved become annoying.  We are irritated by everything and everyone and it seems as if no one can calm us down. It feels as if the whole world is against you.

#7 You Don’t Sleep

Sleep seems impossible when under stress. Why? Because our mind refuses to let us calm down and this can really be exhausting.

#8 You Focus on the Negative

When stressed people focus only on the negative stuff and work a lot in order to keep their minds out of it. This might feel comfortable but is not good, since ignoring our problems doesn’t go away they are still there.

#9 You Don’t Sleep So You Drink Too Much Coffee

When stressed people end up consuming a lot more caffeine in comparison to normal. You need it in order to go through the day. But too much coffee is not healthy at all.

#10 You Try to Be Busy All the Time

When stressed it feels as if we are the ones doing all the work. Why? Because you are in a bad mood and in order to get away from it, you try to keep yourself busy.

You need to confront your emotions and bear in mind that staying busy and eventually being exhausted is no good route.