8 Signs It’s the Soul That’s Exhausted, Not the Body

8 Signs It's the Soul That's Exhausted, Not the Body

Most people can’t tell when they are stressed because everything is so fast these days that it seems that we don’t stop to ask ourselves how are we.

When we have gone through a long period of being extremely emotionally and mentally stressed, our souls can fall into deep rest. We can feel sad because the signs tell us that. But, don’t get confused.

It might only mean that you are mentally tired. You can try to pick yourself up by thinking positively, but you might still feel low and exhausted. Why does this happen?

Most likely, because your soul needs some time to heal and repair. The soul is not something that is visible to the human eye, but it’s something that is important. The soul and the body need to be nurtured with the same amount of energy.

If you ignore the signs, it can only get worse and cause depression, mental health problems, and chronic anxiety.

8 Clear Signs Your Soul Is Exhausted

#1 All your feelings are immensely intensified. You can tell that you are too emotional because you cry for no reason. You can swear that you feel as if your heart is about to explode with love and then in the next moment you feel broken.

#2 You feel an aching sensation in your body. You feel headaches, tension, blurred vision, dizziness, and stomach aches without any apparent reason.

#3 Throughout the day, you want to lie down and rest. You take frequent naps, and you struggle to stay awake or leave your bed. You might feel restless throughout the night because while you sleep, you are having nightmares.

#4 You feel lonely even when you are with many people. You begin to question these people, and you question if you can trust them. You feel as if the world is against you, even though there are no signs of that.

#5 You feel weak, and you are exhausted all the time. You can tell that you lack energy, you are not that vibrant person you were before. Going to the gym is a task and not a joy.

#6 You have resentful, bitter, angry, and jealous thoughts about absolutely everything which goes on around you. And this is weird because you usually are a very caring, forgiving, and compassionate person.

#7 You often feel uncertain and scared about your future. Sometimes, you might feel so exhausted and drained that you want to start your life again since you no longer find yourself doing what you previously loved.

#8 You often experience chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

In case you can relate, it’s about time you make yourself and your soul a priority. What you should do is rest, if you feel like you need to rest. What you need to do is turn off your phone, and do what you want.

Do what you need to make your soul heal, and play your music while having a nice hot bath. You can also meditate and spend more time with those people who make you happy. Do your best to avoid negative self-talk and thoughts.

Stop talking down to you and criticizing yourself. Balance your energy. When you give your soul the attention it needs, you will eliminate the things which make you feel exhausted.

Focus on the positive experiences and thoughts which radiate with positive energy and beauty.

Image Source:
Unsplash – Gregory Pappas