4 Signs Our Relationship Is Bad for Our Mental Health

4 Signs Our Relationship Is Bad for Our Mental Health

When it comes to romantic relationships one thing is certain; they must be about excitement, joy, lovemaking, passion. However, it’s important as well that they are good for our wellbeing and mental health.

Therefore, our partners should not just fulfill our needs for attraction, fun, and affection they should actively make us feel better about ourselves, about our relationship, and about the world.

Often, some people let themselves stay in toxic relationships which might be damaging to their mental health, sense of self, confidence, and freedom often without understanding what they are doing.

Do you know when the relationship is bad for you? Most people do not know, that is why it’s essential to know the signs. We have selected the top 4 signs that your relationship is bad for you, and your mental health.

In case you identify any of the signs above mentioned maybe it is about time you evaluate whether you should stay in that relationship. If you can relate, then consider getting out of it safely before you lose your sanity.

4 Signs Your Relationship Is Bad for You

#1 Your Partner Brings Out the Worst in You

You should pay attention to what your partner does; actions speak louder than words. A good partner will help you change your life for the better.

For example, if you are trying to kick a bad habit, (eating junk food) does your partner support you? Or does he offer you junk food all the time?

It is not good if your partner enables your most destructive habits, not being supported when you are trying to get more exercise, give up cigarettes, or lose weight.

Understand that constant undermining when you are trying to be better for you, and your physical and mental wellbeing can be bad for you.

#2 Both of You Are Fighting a Lot

In relationships conflict is healthy, but not if it’s damaging, constant, and vicious to your mental health and confidence. In case you are arguing a lot, or you feel unsafe by your partner’s approaches, something might be wrong.

Worthwhile options for both of you might be counseling. You should listen to your heart, but you should also listen to your head. You should be realistic if you want to get places.

#3 You Feel Drained

After time spent with your partner, you feel as all your force is sucked out of your body. Most of the time, spending time with your significant other should be positive and invigorating.

In case you feel as they are sucking the energy out of your body, and as it’s hard to be around them then most likely your partner will bring you down. Remember that it is not possible to keep that type of energy output.

#4 You Feel Neglected

In case you feel insecure, sad, or troubled you need your significant other by your side more than ever. You are not even asking for something over the top, just to be cared for, understood, and held.

Bear in mind that if you are not getting what you need at times when you are most fragile that something isn’t right. You should take this as a serious red flag.

Your significant other just needs to be a source of love and joy, but they should also be your rock and support when you are vulnerable. If not, then you are with the wrong person.