17 Signs Indicating Two People are Meant to Be Together Forever

17 Signs Indicating You and Your Partner Are Meant to Be Together Forever

Every relationship has a happy beginning during which both partners cannot keep their hands off of one another. There are often calls, texts, and they want to spend every free minute together.

Both of them want to be that way forever, but, then there comes the worry if that is possible. What can make partners sure that everything is going to be like in the beginning in the future?

Some statistics say that people who date for about 3 months are possible to date for 4 years. About 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce (1). About 80% of people who are married or divorced once believed that marriage is meant to last forever. (2)

Although you can never be 100% sure that your relationship is going to last forever, experts say that the following signs indicate that you may reach your golden anniversary.

1. You Are Both Fighters

The worst ways to address your relationship problems are gaslighting, silent treatment, and name-calling. It is not possible to have a relationship without fights, but the important thing is to fight in a fairway.

You need to respect each other and allow yourselves to say what you mean without using manipulative and hurtful tactics. People who are together for a long time both parties want to find a solution to the issues quickly.

2. You Enjoy Doing Nothing

Although relationships are meant to be joyful when you are together, sometimes you can have a good time while you are just sitting and doing nothing together. A healthy relationship includes enjoying together and feeling comfortable in silence.

Sometimes people relate silence to discomfort, but in good relationships being happy while silent is an indication of a lasting relationship.

3. You Protect Each Other

In lasting and healthy relationships couples protect each other, support each other through good and bad times.

If you are meant to last forever, you and your partner would be able to talk with each other about everything, help each other to overcome every obstacle in your life, and put each other’s happiness on your list of priorities.

4. You Have Mutual Friends

According to a study, going on double dates helps you build a strong relationship with your partner. The study revealed that when you spend time with your friends and share things, you become closer to your partner. (3)

These interactions lead to passionate love and allow you to see your partner in a new light.

5. You Kiss Often

Another study proves that kissing is very important especially when a couple is together for a long time. In fact, kissing is one of the most significant things that keep a relationship lasting. So, go ahead and smooch your partner whenever you want to. (4)

6. You Make Each Other Laugh

Laughing is healthy because it helps with loneliness, depression, and stress. It increases happiness and improves the body’s immune system.

Also, it strengthens people’s bonds. According to professionals, laughing is among the most important things a couple should do together. So, if your relationship is filled with laughter, then you are meant to last forever.

7. You Do Not Play Games

Relationships in which couples are committed to each other do not play games. They do not ignore each other on purpose. They do not like to waste their time on manipulations.

Becoming closer and more connected is their mutual goal. Playing tricky games makes couples less bonded.

8. Mutual Respect

If you want your relationship to be strong and healthy, you need to respect each other, respect your opinions, time, work, ideas, as well as thoughts. Having no respect and no communication leads to hurt and hate.

9. You Are Thankful

Expressing gratitude is key to a healthy relationship. If you and your partner say “thank you,” “I am lucky to be with you,” etc., be sure that is a great sign. According to researchers, couples expressing gratitude have the happiest and healthiest relationships. (5)

10. Your Partner Makes You a Better Person

The person who is with you will never try to change you. They will accept you as you are. But, they should inspire and motivate you to become a better person.

Taking caring of each other, thinking before you say something, offering acts of kindness, etc. are all signs that your relationship is going to last.

11. You Use the Same Words

This does not mean that you should constantly agree about everything. However, some researchers say that when you and your partner tend to use the same words you are likely to have a lasting relationship.

When two people are strongly interested in each other they use the same language. (6)

12. Spooning While Sleeping

If you and your partner spoon while you sleep, that is an excellent sign. According to some studies, those couples who sleep close to each other and are likely to touch each other are happier and healthier. Being closer in bed means closer awake. (7)

13. Equal Control

In a good relationship, both partners have the same control over their romance. Neither of the partners is dominant, and each partner says what they mean when making decisions. Also, people who are likely to together forever do not let others influence them.

14. You Have  a Mutual Trust

A healthy and strong relationship requires mutual trust. Having no trust is pointless. You should not be in a relationship in which you do not trust each other because distrust brings controlling behavior and destruction.

A good relationship needs complete trust, freedom, and love.

15. Trust Your Emotions

Sometimes it is not because you are insecure, overly sensitive, needy, and irrational. When you feel insecure about your relationship you should have an honest talk with your partner, you should not criticize yourself.

If you notice that your partner rejects you, dismisses you, manipulates you, or blames you for your feelings, then maybe your relationship is not working well. All of those signs mean that you are in a toxic relationship.

16. Keeping Promises

A healthy relationship includes partners who keep their promises. But, if your partner often shows up late, does not show at all, leaves you hanging, etc., that means something.

Even though we all have bad days, most of the time the partners should keep their promises. It is a huge problem if you live in a relationship full of anxiety about what is going to happen, worrying if your partner is going to disappoint you, etc.

Your relationship will not last if you are not completely satisfied with each other.

17. Intuition

When we are so in love with our partners, we feel the need to trust them completely, so we forget about our intuition. You feel like something is not right about your beloved, but you decide to ignore these feelings for the sake of having a romantic love.

There are people who choose to ignore their intuition for a very long time and they even decide to get married, and in the end, everything falls apart. So, if you feel like something is not right, you should be honest and talk with your partner. Never ignore your intuition.

Even though your relationship may have some issues, before giving up, you should try to resolve your problems and save your relationship.