5 Signs That Our Partner is Not Our Soulmate

When it comes to love and relationships, finding that person who is the one for us and who is our soulmate is really hard. Because even if we find them, the relationship needs work. But, what when we are with the wrong person?

Can we see it? This is hard because love might make us blind. However, there are a few signs that you are with the wrong person, and that your partner isn’t your soulmate. Do you know them?

No? Then read on.

5 Signs He Isn’t Our Soulmate

#1 He Makes You Feel Insecure

If your partner constantly makes you feel insecure in them or your relationship, then this is a definite sign that you are not with the right person. This might happen if your partner is not 100 percent devoted to the relationship.

A real soulmate won’t make you question them or your relationship, and around them, you will be sure.

#2 He Tries to Control You

This is a definite sign that you are with the wrong person. A possessive partner is no fun, and it’s not healthy for both of you. That only means that they do not trust you, and respect your time.

A real soulmate will give you space and freedom, they will believe in you and your choices.

#3 He Isn’t Open to You

This is a bad sign. Some individuals tend to avoid telling their partners things that they believe may upset them. However, if someone really loves you and is the one, they will not hide things from you.

They will not sugarcoat things. Bear in mind that if your partner hides something from you once, it’s likely that he will do it again. A real soulmate will tell you the truth regardless of how bad it is because they respect you and value your opinion on things.

If he hides things from you and you find out later then most likely, he is not your soulmate.

#4 He Does Not Fire You Up

Some people just light up the fire in you, and they keep the spark alive. However, if he doesn’t do that, then he just might not be your soulmate or the one. Sure, meeting the one does not necessarily have to start with fireworks.

But, there will undoubtedly be something about them, something which you cannot ignore.

A real soulmate is the one you cannot ignore because they will evoke some powerful desire deep within you, as a magnetism telling you that you are meant to be together.

#5 He Does Not See Your Worth

If he doesn’t value you and does not see your worth, that most likely he isn’t your soulmate. You should know that there are two reasons why he might not see your worth.

Either because he doesn’t value himself or because you do not value yourself enough for him to see your worth. But, a real soulmate will know your worth regardless of the situation.

Remember these signs and check if your man fits in this category. So, ladies, is he the one?