8 Signs Your Partner is Still Madly in Love with You

8 Signs Your Partner Is Still Madly In Love with You1

We can’t just feel real love; we can also see it. Sometimes, those little things our partner does can speak louder than words. Whether in a long relationship or marriage, it’s normal to have periods when we doubt our partner’s love for us.

The thing is, life is not a straight line, as well as your relationship. Both of you will have ups and downs, and sometimes you might get the feeling that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. But, don’t get depressed too soon; it might just be a period, and that’s all.

If you notice your partner does the following things, it means they are still madly in love with you.

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Play Games with You

If your partner loves you, they won’t play mind games or toy with your emotions just to manipulate you. They are honest and know how important it is to have good communication with you.

That’s why they won’t feel comfortable trying to manipulate your emotions or attitudes in even the smallest way.

2. They Know How to Make You Feel Better

If your partner loves you deeply, they’ll say the right words and do the right things when you are at your lowest. That’s because there’s an inexplicable connection that helps you understand each other’s emotions like no one else.

It can be a word, a sentence, or just a hug or a glimpse that will instantly make you feel better.

3. They Believe in You

True love comes with faith. If your partner truly loves you, they will believe in your abilities and capacity to achieve great things in life. They know that they don’t need to hold your hand through life in order for you to succeed. However,….

4. They Always Support You

Your partner can believe in your abilities with all their heart, but they are also here to catch you when you stumble. They know you don’t need a babysitter, but they are always by your side when things get hard.

5. They Help You Stay Humble and Grounded

A partner who loves deeply will never want to lose the person he fell in love with at the beginning. You might be super successful and confident, but he will always keep you grounded and in touch with your humility.

They love your confidence and achievements, but they want you to remember where you came from. In that way, their deep love helps you become a well-rounded person.

6. They Are Your Best Friend

Being able to talk to your partner about pretty much everything is a true blessing. You two might not be in the best mood and still talk about the struggles you are going through or the problems each of you is facing on a daily basis.

Also, if you are with someone who truly loves you, they will always be there to celebrate your successes because that’s what real friends do.

7. They Are Proud of Being with You

When your partner has no problem introducing you to their friends and co-workers, and when they talk about you a lot, it means they value you and are proud of being with you.

8. They Are Here When You Need Them the Most

If your partner is always here to help you when you need it most, it means they don’t want to see you sad or hurt in any way. You can see that in the smallest things like when you’re ill, and they are here to take care of you instead of going out with their friends.

If your partner does all these things, it’s more than clear that they truly love you, even if they forget to tell you all the time.