3 Clear Signs a Person is Not Happy in Their Relationship

3 Clear Signs A Person Is Not Happy In Their Relationship

The truth is, many people feel unhappy in their relationship. That’s a sad thing to know, but it turns out that most of them choose to stay in that relationship. Usually, that’s because they feel stability, comfort, safety and they fear leaving and being alone.

They are scared of being alone, but doesn’t an unhappy relationship feel even lonelier? This relationship simply cannot be any better. If you are the one who is in an unhappy relationship, you should know that you deserve better.

You deserve to be in a relationship where you are excited about life, where you feel supported, a relationship that encourages you to be a better person.  Bear in mind that a relationship that makes you less than ecstatic is not worth having.

In order to know that you are part of an unhappy relationship, you need to know the signs.  Ready to find out? Just read on.

Signs You Are In an Unhappy Relationship

1. The Relationship You Are In Is More Draining Than Satisfying

 In case you feel exhausted around your significant other, and you simply don’t feel any connection, this indicates an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.

You should remember that a relationship needs to make you feel overjoyed, alive and motivated, and not uninspired and lethargic.

Perhaps, both of you just don’t click anymore, or maybe both of you have different goals in life that might require you to go separate ways.

In case you feel unhappy you should have a rational and civilized conversation with your partner and tell them honestly how you feel.

Maybe you will work through these problems, maybe you won’t, regardless of what happens at least, you will move from that unhappy place.

 2. You Feel Suffocated and Trapped In the Relationship

Your relationship should not make you feel like you are missing out on life and like you are tied down. In case you feel like that there are big chances you are not happy in your relationship.

Your partner needs to teach you things, provide you with unforgettable experiences and add value to your life. A relationship doesn’t need to feel as you are in a prison cell, as a matter of fact, it should be quite the opposite it should liberate you. 

Always remember that your relationship shouldn’t be your burden, a healthy relationship is just the extension of the bond you have with yourself.

3. You Don’t Enjoy the Time You Spend with Your Partner

Sit down and ask yourself, how do you feel when you spend time with your partner? Do you dread hanging out with your partner, or do you feel excited about watching films at home or about going out for a drink?

Reevaluate your relationship, if you don’t find any pleasure in spending time with your partner. There is no point in being in a relationship that doesn’t bring you any joy or any good.

Yes, it is always scary to just leave a relationship behind, mainly if you have been in that relationship for years. However, you need to understand that in the long run, your heart will thank you because you will feel free.

You need to be with someone who will light up the fire in your soul and not extinguish it. And surely you cannot find the one if you are stuck with the wrong one!