10 Signs We’ve Hit the Marriage Jackpot

10 Signs We've Hit the Marriage Jackpot

Did we make the right choice by marrying our spouse? Is he the right one for us? Well, the answers to these questions are not easy, but we will help women find out if they have hit the marriage jackpot.

Even though each woman has her own needs and expectations from her man, here’s a list of some of the things most women seek in their husbands.

10 Signs You’ve Married the Right Man

1. He Always Has Time for You

No matter how busy his schedule has, he always makes sure to spend some quality time with you.

That could be watching a movie together, taking a walk with you in the park, or at least drinking a cup of coffee and discussing your recent activities. He needs this bonding time just as you need it to.

2. He Supports You

Support is a crucial element in every relationship and marriage. Having a supportive husband means having someone who will always believe in you, and let you make your own choices, even when he disagrees with you.

And, that will make you even stronger to face everything life throws at you. It means he knows your dreams and desires and encourages you to follow them.

3. He Comforts You When Needed

If your husband is the one who can calm you after having a crazy day, he is your calmness factor. You know he can comfort you when feeling depressed disappointed, or devastated.

In a way, he is your best friend who will help you get through the most difficult times.

4. He Works Hard

He always puts an effort into your relationship, as well as in his career and hobby. This means he is a hard-working man who is willing to help you in everything.

5. He Still Flirts with You

Being in marriage for too long and still feeling the spark means you’ve definitely hit the jackpot. It means both of you are constantly finding new ways to love each other even more than before.

If your husband still flirts with you, it means he is still attracted to you and is young at heart – something that every woman wants.

 6. He Gives You Compliments

A lot of married men forget to give their wives compliments. They could see her in a beautiful dress with an even more beautiful smile, and still not say anything.

Even though they could think they have the most beautiful wife in the world, they don’t always say the words out loud.

But, women like to hear compliments now and then, just like men do, and those who have a husband that enjoys praising them had surely hit the marriage jackpot.

7. He is Selfless

Selflessness and unconditional love come together. It’s when a person commits wholly and loves profoundly. Having a selfless husband who loves you profoundly means he always puts you first before himself. And, that’s a clear sign you’ve made the right choice.

8. He Reminds You of His Love Regularly

Even though you may not need a constant reminder that your husband loves you, he still feels the urge to tell you. He may not say the three words all the time, but he does some simple gestures that keep on reminding you of his love.

9. He Admits When He’s Wrong

This could seem like something insignificant, but it really matters in every marriage. Being able to admit when he is wrong means he acknowledges his mistake and understands what he did or said is wrong.

This, in turn, means he will probably not repeat the same mistake in the future. Having a husband who does this makes you fall in love with him even more.

10. He Respects You

Last but not least, having a husband who respects you, as well as your needs and desires, is almost as important as everything on this list combined together. Without mutual respect, you have nothing.

If you can relate to more of these things, it means you’ve made the right choice. So, what do you wait for? Go and kiss your husband and hug him tight for making you, one lucky lady!