6 Obvious Signs That Someone is Jealous

6 Obvious Signs That Someone Is Jealous

Jealousy is something people cannot escape from. Jealousy is something that all people witness. Often jealousy can be caused by love. However, some people might get jealous of those who are more successful and more beautiful than they are.

That is something that is manifested through envy, fear, and worries. It is a feeling that most people who have it try to mask or hide. For that reason, it is not always evident if one’s jealous.

6 Signs One’s Jealous of You

#1 They Undermine Your Success

Those individuals who are jealous of you might try to undervalue your overall success. These people do it because they feel insecure about themselves. Such people will try to convince others that you are not good enough in every aspect.

How to recognize these people? Every time you talk about something big they will try to persuade others that you are lying and that it’s not a big deal.

#2 They’re Happy If You Fail of Success

If something doesn’t go according to plan or if you don’t manage to accomplish your goals, they will be happy. They won’t say it to your face, but you can feel it. They will try to make you feel like you are worth nothing and that they are better than you.

Those people who love to see you fail are not really your friends. If you know or have such a person in your life, the best thing to do is to distance yourself.

#3 They’ll Try to Spoil Your Plans

They will gladly give you bad news and pretend as they are doing you a favor. But you can see that something isn’t right. It is like that because they enjoy that moment, they live to see you miserable and in a bad mood.

Pay attention to their facial expression. Why are they happy? Someone like that cannot be your friend.

#4 They’ll Compete Against You

According to psychology when someone is jealous, they need to prove that they are superior. So, those who are jealous of you will act competitively.

They will boast and try to humiliate you, that is how they will try to prove superior.

#5 They’ll Dish the Dirt on You

It is said that those people who gossip the most actually have high levels of aggression and anxiety. Also, it means that they’re completely unhappy.

They gossip because they aren’t confident and that is how they feel superior. Those who are envious of you will put you above them. They try to ruin your reputation with false rumors and negative comments about you.

#6 They’ll Act as a Copycat

This might be a sign of flattery, but jealous people might try to take after you and copy everything you do. This might go all over to that point where they talk, walk and dress the way you do. This might look like a compliment, but it will get annoying.

So, you should know that the best way to avoid this is not to pay attention.