21 Signs of a Strong Relationship

21 Signs You Are In a Healthy and Strong Relationship

When it comes to relationships, what we like and know about our significant other can tell us a lot. So, if we want to know if we are in a healthy and happy relationship, here are some things to consider.

Read the traits of a healthy relationship below mentioned, and if you can relate, then you are one lucky person.

Common Traits of a Strong, Healthy and Happy Relationship

#1 You are playful with your partner; you can be silly and yourself when around them.

#2 Both of you think about each other even if those times when you aren’t physically together.

#3 You love and enjoy the ways your significant other has grown and changed since you met.

#4 You know all of your partner’s aspirations in life.

#5 Both of you have your own unique “love language.” With special signs and nicknames.

#6 You trust your partner.

#7 You enjoy supporting the exploration of your partner of their personal dreams and goals, even if you are not in them.

#8 Around your partner you feel safe. You are really confident that they will stay faithful to you. And you trust them enough to know that they shall never jeopardize your financial security.

#9 Both of you regularly express appreciation for one another.

#10 You are teammates with your significant other.

#11 You believe that your individual strengths actually complement each other.

#12 You respect the other relationship your partner has with their family and friends, and they respect yours as well.

#13 You feel comfortable enough to talk with your partner about anything.

#14 You are receptive to being influenced by your significant other, you are open-minded when it comes to trying their suggestions.

#15 You feel a zing whenever you think about the first time you met and the many amazing times you had together. Some things and feelings related to those things are unforgettable.

#16 Whenever you feel upset or stressed, you turn towards them for comfort and not turn away from them in order to deal with yourself. In a healthy relationship, you should share everything with your partner, that means the bad and the good times.

Both things should make your bond stronger.

#17 You enjoy exploring the body of your partner.

#18 If you had to choose and take only one person to a deserted island, it would be your partner.

#19 You can easily get your partner’s attention in times when you have something important to talk about or say.

#20 You constantly express admiration for one another.

#21 You enjoy your time together and have fun.