9 Signs Someone is Finally Getting Over Their Narcissistic Ex

9 Signs Someone Is Finally Getting Over Their Narcissistic Ex

We all have a past that helped us learn valuable lessons. But, is it really behind us or it’s still haunting us in our darkest moments? It’s just something that everyone who has a narcissistic ex asks themselves from time to time.

They know that if their narcissist still haunts them, then they still own them.

Have you ever been a part of such a destructive and abusive relationship, but somehow managed to escape the wicked claws of your narcissistic ex?

But, how to know if your ex is still making you look over one shoulder all the time? How to know if they still don’t let you relax and trust life after all this time?

Here are a few signs that you are absolutely free of that toxic person in your past.

9 Signs You Are Finally Over Your Narcissistic Ex

1. You Easily Spot Fake Nice People

You’re no longer attracted by flattery and no longer fooled by fake, nice words. People can no longer manipulate you to believe their lies.

You might have gone through hell and carry scars that will always remind you of the past you wish it hadn’t happened, but you are now stronger and wiser.

2. You Ignore Their Attempts to Contact You

Whenever your narcissistic ex is calling or texting you, you ignore them. You finally know that you don’t need to answer them because you have moved on. And, you don’t feel the need to call them back. The only thing that matters is that you are out of that toxic, vicious cycle.

3. You’ve Found Your Place

The narcissist in your life had forced you to play their mind game by feeding you lies and making you feel miserable. That’s how they forced you to stay with them for so long. But, no more!

You were brave enough to cut them out of your life, and you are now growing more as a person every day. Keep going, and great things will come your way.

4. You’ve Begun to Help People with The Same Experience

Only a person who has saved their soul from the claws of narcissists can help other people with similar experiences. If you feel the urge to protect others from these toxic people, you’ve started healing.

5. Your Mental and Emotional State Are Improved

The agony and pain of surviving a relationship with a narcissist leave you heavily injured and bruised. It can kill your dreams and hopes, destroy your self-esteem, and shatter your heart.

However, you’ve found a way to get out and heal, and for that we praise you. One of the signs you’re finally getting over your toxic ex is your improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

6. You Feel Free to Do Whatever You Want

You’re no longer afraid to share your opinions and emotions because you are free. You do things that you’ve decided to do, not them. Your life is finally about you!

7. You Are No Longer Interested in Their Life

You don’t care what they do or whom they are dating. You are now focused on yourself and you know that no one has the right to dictate your life.

8. You No Longer Question Yourself as Often as You Used To

You are an empowered survivor of an emotionally abusive relationship who’s learned how to cherish your inner and outer beauty. You used to try so hard to please the narcissist in your life, but someone like them can never be pleased.

Now, you’ve learned that your pleasure should be your priority. You are celebrating the personality traits that your ex was trying to snuff out.

9. You Trust in Your Present & Future

Usually, going through a tough period like a relationship with a narcissist shatters one’s world of assumptions, making one believe that only bad things happen in this world.

But, appreciating the present and having high hopes for the future means you are truly free of your ex.

You might have been a victim of narcissists, but once you heal you will never be their victim again. You’ll know your self-worth, and you’ll never settle for anything less than you deserve – a true love!