The Epic Response of a Woman Whose Husband Left Her for Her Sister!

The Epic Response of a Woman Whose Husband Left Her for Her Sister!

Those who have been through divorce know that it is usually a very hard and draining process. Divorce is complicated by itself, and usually, it gets nasty. Here, we are going to talk about one such example, which also shows how hard it can truly be.

The story is about a husband who left his wife via a letter, yes a letter after many years of marriage. And that is not even the worst thing; the worst thing is that he left her for her very own sister.

Shocked, right? Well, this is not the most shocking thing. You wonder what can be more shocking than that, well read on, and you should find out. Below you will read the letter of the husband and the response of his now ex-wife.

Dear Wife,

The reason why I am writing this letter is that I want you to know that I am leaving you. For years I have been a good husband. However, these last months have been hell for me. And today it was the last straw.

I got a call from your boss, and she told me that you quit your job today. Just two weeks ago I had a new haircut, I had my new silk boxers on, and I spent 2 hours in the kitchen making your favorite meal.

And what did you do? You didn’t notice a thing or said thank you. You ate without noticing it is your favorite meal, you looked at me and didn’t say a thing about my boxers or my hair.

You sat in your chair and watched your soaps for hours, and then you went straight to bed.

All my effort was for nothing. You do not tell me you want me or love me anymore; there is no intimacy between us and I feel as you do not even try.

I do not know whether you do not love me any more or you are seeing another man, and you know what? I do not care anymore because I am leaving.

Your (soon-to-be) Ex-Husband

P.S. Please do not get desperate and try to look for me. Your sister and I are moving to Texas together. I wish you all the best.

His wife read the letter, took a piece of paper and pen and started writing, she wrote:

Dear (soon-to-be) Ex-Husband

Believe it or not, but your letter really made my day. Yes, I must agree we have been married for many years, but I cannot say that you were a good husband to me.

Yes, I watch soaps for hours, but I only do that so I won’t have to listen to your constant griping and whining.

As a matter of fact, I noticed that two weeks ago you had a new haircut, but I didn’t like it, so I choose to stay quiet about it. What is the point in saying something bad?

Yes, I remember that you cooked that day, but my dear, that wasn’t my favorite meal, it was my sister’s favorite meal. That is why I didn’t say a thing.

Oh, and believe me, I did notice your new silk boxers. I did not say a thing, because the price tag was still on them, it said $49.99.

And deep down I convinced myself that it is only a coincidence that my sister borrowed $50 from me the previous day. I convinced myself that it was a coincidence that you were cooking her favorite meal, exactly like she does.

But, I did not say a thing because I loved you, and I believed that it is just a phase and we will work to improve our marriage.

You see, when I got the lotto for 23 million dollars, the first thing I did was quit my job and bought us 2 tickets to Seychelles.

But when I got home, you weren’t there, and all your stuff were gone. All I found was this letter. And let me tell you it is true when they say that everything in life happens for a reason. I truly hope that you have the best life possible.

I already talked to my lawyer, and she said that the letter you left me ensures that you will not get a single dime from me.

So, best regards and take care.

Your (soon-to-be) Ex-Wife, filthy rich and free as a bird

P.S. I never told you this, because it was a big secret in our family. But I believe you deserve to know that my sister Samantha was born as Sam. I hope you do not have an issue with that.

So you have to agree when it comes to divorce the person who laughs last laughs longest!