Remove the Bra If In An Emergency Situation! It’s Not A Joke, But Science

Remove Your Bra If You Are In An Emergency Situation! This Is Not A Joke, But Science

One Ukranian scientist named Elena Bodnar invented a bra that can be used in emergency situations. People can turn the “emergency bra” into a face mask in order to protect themselves against fatal chemical explosions, violent attacks, as well as biological hazards.

The bra appears just like a regular bra, but it is not. If people find themselves in a situation of emergency, they need to take off the bra.

Then, separate the cups, cover your mouth and nose with the inside of the cup, extend the strap around your head (just like oxygen masks in airplanes), and you can freely breathe.

So, one bra turns into two protective face masks, one for the owner, and one for some other person in need. This amazing invention got Dr. Elena Bodnar an Ig Nobel Public Health Prize in 2009.

This is a mocking imitation of the real Nobel Prize which awards ten scientific accomplishments that at first look funny, but then they make people think.

Dr. Bodnar joked when she accepted the prize; she said that a woman needs just 25 seconds, 5 to turn the brassiere in a face mask, and the rest 20 seconds to wonder who that man she is going to help is.

According to an Associated Press, Dr. Elena Bodnar came up with this idea after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. She said that if people had available gas masks, they would have saved themselves.

Her point was that this bra could be helpful in many disasters such as dust storms, fires, or even flu outbreak. The doctor says that we all need to be ready at any time. Also, there are plans for a device that will be helpful for men.

So, this is a helpful bra every woman needs, right? If you liked this article let your family and friends know, they may find it helpful.