9 Relationship Stages but Most Couples Get Stuck at The Fifth

9 Relationship Stages But Most Couples Get Stuck At The Fifth

Every relationship is unique; no one has the same love experience. Probably, most people have had many relationships in their lives, and they were all distinct. However, all relationships have one common trait that connects them.

Also, relationships have their own stages starting with falling in love. Every stage serves as an exam that can tell if you and your partner are compatible. If you make a mistake at any stage, your relationship may come to an end.

When a couple that has been together for a long time breaks up, that may be because they probably went wrong in some of the stages. Below you can read about the stages that every relationship goes through. (1)

1. The Stage of Falling in Love

Every relationship starts at this stage. It is followed by big passion and needs to be with each other. While you desire each other or you want to enjoy cuddles and just being together, you may overlook your flaws and concentrate only on positive things. (2)

2. The Stage of Understanding

The next stage is when both of you begin getting to know each other. Whatever your partner says about them sounds interesting and you want to spend so many hours talking with them.

You are interested in talking about your families, friendships, exes, what things you like and which ones you do not like, you share some secrets, etc. During this stage, everything seems like a fairy tale.

3. The Stage of First Fights

During this stage, you may have the first fight with your partner. The first few months seemed perfect and filled with love and understanding, but now something else happens. Now, you have the first fight but it is sorted out quickly.

4. The Stage of Creating Opinions

You have been together for a few months. And, now, you know each other well, so you start creating opinions. You are aware of what you can expect from your partner, you can assume how your partner sees your relationship.

All of these opinions may make you happy, but also depressed. For instance, when you do not expect them to buy you flowers, they do. But, when they forget to pick you up and come an hour later, it makes you feel depressed.

5. The Stage of Carving

This means that you are at a stage in which you know how you like your perfect partner to be. So, during this stage, you try to “carve” your partner perfectly well to fit your own list of wants.

Also, at this period, both partners try to fulfill each other’s wishes as well as change their behavior in the relationship. This battle is dangerous because if both partners are domineering it may end the relationship.

6. The Stage of Happiness

If you are in a relationship and you survive the fifth stage, then you and your partner have changed equally and you seem perfect for each other. During this stage, you are happy together and everything goes perfectly well.

It is interesting that during this stage you may decide to take the next step which is to get engaged or get married. And, you feel strongly connected and nothing could split you apart, and you feel the love in the air.

7. The Stage of Suspicious Minds

After a couple of years since you have been together, you start getting suspicious minds. How strong these doubts depend on how happy are you in your relationship. During this stage, you begin thinking about your exes and other partners.

If you feel sad, you blame the relationship. Also, here starts the comparison with other apparently perfect relationships. The question is “Can you save your relationship?” Of course, you can, but only if there is no monotony.

8. The Stage of Exploring the Intimate Life

During this stage, there will be changes in your intimate life. Some of you may show not enough interest in it. So, you are left with giving up the intimacy or trying to make it better and more exciting.

But, the dangerous thing is if someone is not satisfied so that may lead to infidelity. However, the positive thing is if you find entertaining ways to make your intimate life more passionate, you and your partner may become closer than ever, and your relationship can be happy.

9. The Stage of Real Trust

When you come to this stage you should know that you are happy. During this period you and your partner love and trust each other endlessly. Anyway, keep in mind that this endless trust may turn into “taking for granted.”

Even though you feel happy, in love, and have complete trust in each other, you may start taking your partner for granted, and that may turn bad. No matter how comfortable you feel with each other, you should never take anything for granted.

Remember that if you do not keep your love life alive, someone may show your partner a more passionate love, and you may lose them.

So, what do you think? Have you experienced these stages? If you are in a new relationship, do not let yourself become afraid of what you have read. Everything can be good only if you want it to be. It just needs effort, time, and patience.